Duration: 45 min + Q&A

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: How to Survive the Encrypted Network Traffic Apocalypse


In this webinar recording, a roundtable of leading decryption technology and traffic intelligence specialists from Omdia, Enea Qosmos, Juniper and F5 present the changing network traffic decryption landscape and discuss ways to maintain critical traffic visibility.


  • Most enterprise network traffic is now encrypted but many organizations do not decrypt and inspect this traffic, leaving them vulnerable to potential threats hiding within encrypted traffic flows.
  • Numerous barriers make purchasing, deployment, and management of decryption technology difficult, if not impossible. Worse yet, improvements to encryption standards and important changes to enterprise network design and deployment may soon render many of today’s enterprise decryption architectures obsolete. Given the rapid pace of change in both standards and technology, it is imperative that all organizations revisit their approaches to network traffic decryption and risk management.

Key Topics for Discussion

  • Inbound and outbound network traffic decryption challenges impacting enterprise network security visibility
  • Architectural changes affecting decryption techniques as they relate to secure network design and deployment
  • Emerging supplemental or alternative approaches to traditional network traffic decryption
  • Importance of setting strategic and tactical objectives for encrypted traffic visibility, and best practices for achieving them in the enterprise


STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 9, 2021: NetQPro will embed Enea’s Qosmos ixEngine® in its nScan network assurance product, an agile monitoring system for a mobile industry reshaped by rapid data growth and the rise of 5G.

NetQPro’s nScan is a cost-effective, flexible network monitoring system that extracts information directly from the control and user planes and makes it accessible in real-time. Its unique feature is the support for shared Radio Access Networks (RAN), with secure data separation between mobile network operators involved. The solution covers fixed and mobile voice and data networks, and supports both existing networks and emerging hybrid LTE/5G environments.

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