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Improve Suricata’s Ability to Detect Threats in Evolving Networks

Suricata is the most widely deployed Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS) in cybersecurity. Enea’s Qosmos ixEngine is the most widely deployed carrier-grade L2-L7 traffic classification and deep packet inspection (DPI) engine in the networking, telecom and cybersecurity industries. When Qosmos ixEngine is integrated with Suricata, it extends and enhances Suricata’s general threat detection capabilities, and enables Suricata rules to be tailored more effectively to unique network environments. 

In this solution brief, you will learn how integrating these two best-of-breed technologies allows you to:

  • Better adapt Suricata rules to new environments (like multi-cloud networks and hybrid IT/IoT networks),
  • Develop white- and blacklists with the applications most pertinent to your network (including custom and legacy applications),
  • More effectively identify anomalous and evasive traffic (even in encrypted traffic),
  • Speed threat analysis and forensics with meaningful contextual data.

Interested in boosting Suricata threat detection capabilities with Enea Qosmos technology?
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