RSA Conference 2020
February 24-28, 2020, San Francisco, USA
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RSA Conference 2020


What kind of traffic data are you feeding your machine learning systems? In AI as in real life, you are what you eat!

Meet us at booth 236 in the South Expo hall to discover why leading providers of ML-based security analytics and automation trust Enea Qosmos to deliver the highest quality, most in-depth traffic data—whether that traffic is encrypted or not.

  • See a demo of Qosmos ixEngine, the most widely-embedded deep packet inspection (DPI) engine in cyber security. Supporting 3400+ protocols & apps and 5400+ types of metadata, ixEngine delivers network traffic data that is unmatched for its breadth and reliability. Cyber security solution vendors use it in real-time to detect anomalies and support automated workflows, or archive it for forensics and modeling.
  • Discover Enea’s Qosmos Probe, which is Qosmos ixEngine packaged as an easy-to-deploy software DPI sensor. Used by leading MSSPs, SOCs and MDR providers, the Probe provides the same granular network visibility as ixEngine, but it is engineered for agile deployment in today’s eclectic and constantly evolving networks. The Probe also provides the perfect shared data feed for both security and network operations, facilitating the essential collaboration of SecOps and NetOps teams in combating advanced threats.

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