Qosmos Service Aware Module Winner of 3 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards from Network Products Guide

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Summary:  Qosmos Service Aware Module (Qosmos SAM®) was named Silver Winner in New Products and in Network Intelligence, and Bronze Winner in products Suitable for USA, in the 2014 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards from Network Products Guide.

Paris, France, 10 July 2014Qosmos®, the market leader in embedded Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and network intelligence technology for use in physical, virtualized and in Software Defined Networking (SDN) architectures, today announced that the Qosmos Service Aware Module (Qosmos SAM®) has won three 2014 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards from Network Products Guide.  Qosmos SAM was named Silver Winner in both New Products and Network Intelligence categories, and Bronze Winner for products Suitable for the USA.

Qosmos SAM is a new Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) component for SDN and NFV architectures that adds intelligence and service awareness to virtual switches. Virtual switch developers benefit from rapid time-to-market for solutions requiring built-in application intelligence, while telcos and enterprises profit from optimized network services and reduced infrastructure costs.

The virtual switch (or vSwitch) plays a critical role in next generation data center networks. It is a software application that allows virtual machines (VMs) to communicate with each other and with the physical network.

Qosmos SAM is integrated with a vSwitch to provide detailed, real-time traffic intelligence and enable service-awareness at the infrastructure level. It is based on Qosmos’ flagship product ixEngine, which is already established as the de facto industry-standard DPI engine for developers of telecoms and enterprise solutions. The new module classifies flows at the hypervisor level and the resulting protocol information and metadata are either used directly by the virtual switch or passed on to guest applications.

In telecom and data center environments, the Qosmos SAM for vSwitch can be used to dynamically optimize service chaining. In this case, the Qosmos SAM is used as a service classifier either relying on a packet tagging process to convey application identification and metadata to remote networking nodes (physical and virtual L2/L3) or locally to enable the vSwitch to intelligently steer traffic to optimize the number and sequence (chain) of service functions.  The benefits for service providers include savings due to consolidation of DPI technology and consistent application intelligence for all services.

“This award recognizes Qosmos efforts to drive innovation and to provide the application intelligence required for service optimization in new virtualized networks”, stated Erik Larsson, Vice President of Marketing, Qosmos. “Qosmos SAM has the right form factor to make it easy to add service-awareness in new products for SDN and NFV.”

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Qosmos supplies Deep Packet Inspection and L7 Network Intelligence software to equipment makers and software vendors, who need to embed real-time application awareness for traffic optimization, dynamic service chaining, quality of service, analytics, cyber security and more. Qosmos is used to accelerate time to market and ensure continuous protocol signature updates, both inside physical and virtualized networking products. As the leading supplier of embedded intelligence software, Qosmos serves more than 60 companies worldwide.

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