Qosmos predicts 2011 to be the year of Network Intelligence

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Paris, France – January, 25, 2011

40% revenue growth and new ecosystems in 2010 show shift from market vision to accelerated adoption

Summary: Privately-held Qosmos reports sixth consecutive year of double-digit revenue growth with 40% increase in 2010, adds more than a dozen new customers, establishes Network Intelligence ecosystem for solution providers, and earns industry recognition as one of Europe’s most innovative companies.

Qosmos (www.qosmos.com), a leading provider of technology for Deep Packet Inspection and Network Intelligence, today announced a 40% increase in revenue between 2009 and 2010, continuing a record of double-digit growth for a sixth consecutive year. This growth, based on new customer additions and expansion into new application areas for Network Intelligence, combined with the establishment of two new industry organizations in 2010—the Network Intelligence Alliance and the Qosmos Expert Development Network—sets the stage for 2011 to be “the year of Network Intelligence,” according to the company.

Qosmos Network Intelligence technology extracts details of real-time traffic data to enable better visibility. Its products, ixEngine software development kit and ixMachine hardware probes, decode the protocols, content and source of “data in motion” in real time, extracting metadata and application content. Embedded in third-party software and equipment, Qosmos components expose the source, content and context of traffic – unlocking its purpose, use and value.

“Our vision of Network Intelligence was clearly validated by the market in 2010, in terms of vendor adoption, revenue growth and in the formation of a viable ecosystem of collaborating companies. Demand is being driven by the world’s complete reliance on networks to communicate and access information and entertainment. Solution providers and, ultimately, their customers, need to make sense of all of that data in motion – that’s what Network Intelligence is all about. Vendors are integrating Qosmos technology to capture and translate details about that data in real time, improving the performance, security and profitability of their solutions,” said Qosmos CEO Thibaut Bechetoille. “The unabated, explosive growth in data, accelerated adoption of mobile and cloud computing and changing demands on communication service providers will all contribute to our momentum in 2011, which we think will be ‘the year of network intelligence’.”

Solution providers across multiple segments embed Qosmos Network Intelligence for better visibility and performance

A real-time view of data activity is crucial to Network Equipment Providers, Software Vendors and Systems Integrators providing solutions to:

  • Optimize data transport over networks
  • Secure data in transit
  • Track data for regulatory and business purposes
  • Monetize data through new service offerings

“The complexity of IP communications requires knowledge of hundreds of protocols, and ongoing updates of new protocols to stay in sync,” continued Bechetoille. “In the past, vendors relied on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) capabilities to get basic IP traffic visibility for applications. However, traditional DPI doesn’t go deep enough to capture application content and extract metadata for useful intelligence.”

Qosmos’ deep expertise in protocol recognition and extraction has led to a shift in the “buy versus build” paradigm among vendors who are now integrating its Network Intelligence components directly into their solutions instead, accelerating their time to market and minimizing the costs and risks associated with developing and maintaining a new technology outside of their core expertise.

More than a dozen new customers followed this strategy in 2010, using Qosmos Network Intelligence technology to strengthen solutions in cloud security, cyber security, network optimization and business applications, including:

  • Click&Decide, to analyze business intelligence and security data in real-time
  • CommProve, to analyze data performance problems in mobile carrier networks
  • HP, to strengthen the security of its telecom data collection solution, DRAGON
  • nMetrics, to accelerate their time to market with their network and application monitoring and reporting solutions
  • Vedicis, for advanced capabilities in policy control and traffic management
  • Several Tier 1 vendors of telecom equipment and enterprise security solutions

New solution provider ecosystems accelerate adoption of Network Intelligence

In response to market demands for solutions with deeper visibility into active data across vertical sectors and technology categories, Qosmos established the Network Intelligence Alliance in October and Qosmos Expert Developer (QED) Network in June.

  • Network Intelligence Alliance fosters collaboration among technology vendors: This initiative was launched with technology providers involved in the capture, processing, decoding, analysis, and leveraging of data from network traffic. Led by Qosmos, founding members included Breaking Point Systems, Click&DECiDE, Continuous Computing, Crossing Tech, EdenWall Technologies, GfK, Napatech, NetLogic Microsystems, RainStor and Tilera Corporation.
  • Qosmos Expert Developer (QED) Network accelerates solution integration with targeted expertise: This initiative established a network of engineers trained on Qosmos’ ixEngine Software Development Kit and with expertise in telecom, government and security applications. The first QED partnering companies include Bigsool, DeCanio Engineering, Mantaro Product Development Services, MasterPeace Solutions, Cap Gemini, Argon Design and Moore Performance Systems.

Qosmos Network Intelligence earns industry recognition

The company raised its profile with analysts, covered by Yankee Group, Heavy Reading, Infonetics and as a key DPI vendor for government by Infiniti Research.

Qosmos ranked 182nd on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2010, announced in November, based on 923% revenue growth over the five years from 2005-2009. The company was also recognized in 2010 with a Bully Award as a leading European technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) company; the Networks Products Guide Readers’ Trust Award for best Network Intelligence and Protection product; a Red Herring Top Europe 100 Award as one of Europe’s most innovative companies.

About Qosmos

Qosmos specializes in unique network intelligence technology that provides unprecedented visibility into data traffic. The company delivers software development kits and intelligent IP probes which recognize more than 1,000 application protocols and extract over 4,500 communication metadata, for the most accurate picture of real-time data activity on networks. Going beyond traditional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, Qosmos treats the network as a real-time database, able to identify, query and extract specific data with unparalleled precision and detail.

Qosmos products are used by Network Equipment Providers, Software Vendors and Systems Integrators to build next-generation solutions where real-time intelligence is critical, such as cyber security, lawful interception, traffic optimization, policy management, service assurance, market research and more. They enable applications, services and networks themselves to be more secure, efficient and profitable. www.qosmos.com
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