Qosmos extends technical leadership in embedded DPI for physical, SDN and NFV architectures

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Summary: With the latest version of ixEngine, Qosmos extends its technical leadership for embedded DPI and network intelligence technology, with substantial enhancements in the areas of processing speed, application intelligence, SDN and NFV.


Paris, France, 05 September 2013 – Qosmos® today unveiled significant advancements in Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and network intelligence technology with the latest version of ixEngine®, the most widely used DPI and metadata engine on the market. The newest software includes substantial enhancements in the areas of processing speed, application intelligence and software defined networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

Qosmos’ flagship product ixEngine is the de facto industry-standard DPI engine in telecoms, cloud and SDN architectures. ixEngine identifies and extracts information traveling over networks in real time, providing a true picture of the traffic by identifying protocols, types of application, and extracting additional information in the form of metadata. Equipment makers, telco and enterprise software vendors and cloud service providers use Qosmos to gain application visibility, accelerate time to market and benefit from continuous signature updates.

“As the only pure-play supplier of embedded DPI and network intelligence technology, it is our role to set the technical standard for our industry,” said Thibaut Bechetoille, CEO at Qosmos. “It’s hard work to remain at the top of such a complex domain and I am proud of the latest achievements by our engineers”.

“Qosmos has been the gold standard for embedded DPI and related applications,” said Tom Nolle, President of CIMI Corporation. “Now, with their recent work in NFV, they’re leading the market into the critical area of DPI as a service, and facilitating the integration of SDN and NFV into a common and more compelling revolution in networking.”

The latest version of ixEngine includes a number of ground-breaking enhancements:

First DPI and metadata engine ready for SDN and NFV

  • Qosmos ETSI NFV proposal accepted as a blueprint for DPI VNFC (July 2013)
  • Qosmos actively participating in the ONF SDN MEC brief and technical architecture for L4-L7 service insertion and design (on-going)
  • Active participation in CloudNFV, a multi-vendor NFV demonstration platform (August 2013)
  • World’s first demo of a virtual switch with embedded DPI  at the Intel® Developer Forum (September 2013)

Significantly enhanced processing speed

  • Step-function performance improvement thanks to external flow management, enabling throughputs of tens Gbps on a single multicore processor platform
  • Faster processing by eliminating dynamic memory allocation (0 malloc)
  • Boosted performance by offloading specific packet handling functions to advanced network adapters such as Napatech, Netronome and Intel® DPDK
  • Optimized support of the latest generation of multicore chipsets (Intel, Cavium, Tilera, Freescale, Broadcom)
  • Optimized memory footprint and support of low-end devices (CPEs, wireless access points

Extended support of protocols and metadata 

  • Support for 2000+ protocols, without counting specific work flows and application variants
  • Extraction of thousands of application metadata across multiple categories (Antivirus, Application Service, Audio/Video, Authentication, Compression, Database, Encrypted, ERP, File Server, File Transfer, Forum, Game, Instant Messaging, Mail, Microsoft Office, Middleware, Network Management, Network Service, Peer to Peer, Printer, Routing, Security Service, Standard, Telephony, Terminal, Thin Client, Tunneling, Wap, Web, Webmail)
  • Recognition rate of fully encrypted protocols enhanced from less than 10% to more than 95%, based on new statistical algorithms with self-learning capabilities. Applications like Vuze, uTorrent, BitTorrent are correctly identified 95% of the time.
  • Full protocol decoding and metadata extraction for Google SPDY

Faster and safer signature updates 

  • New mechanism based on advanced protocol signatures in data format (“Protocol Data”)
  • Signature updates can be made by configuration, on the fly, and without any impact on network application in case of signature bugs
  • Update frequency can by reduced from weeks to days
  • Simple and effective development of any http-based or binary signatures

For more information: https://www.qosmos.com/products/deep-packet-inspection-engine/

About Qosmos

Qosmos turns networks into information sources, making them application- and service-aware. The company’s award-winning Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Layer 7 Network Intelligence (NI) technologies recognize thousands of communication protocols and metadata attributes, creating an essential information layer that gives the most accurate picture of real-time data activity on networks.

Market-leading equipment makers, specialized software vendors and cloud service providers embed Qosmos in telco and enterprise solutions where real-time Layer 7 intelligence is critical, such as traffic optimization, policy management, quality of experience, analytics, firewalls, cyber defense and more. Qosmos software development kit and probes can be used in all environments – physical, virtualized and in SDN architectures – to accelerate time to market and ensure continuous signature updates.

A pioneer in Network Intelligence based on DPI, Qosmos is the leading independent OEM provider on the market today, serving more than 50 companies worldwide. Based in Paris, Qosmos has offices in Silicon Valley, Singapore and London.

For more information, please visit www.qosmos.com.

Qosmos Media Contact

Madeleine Renouard
Marketing Communications Manager