Qosmos Enhancements to ixEngine SDK Improve Application Identification and Time to Market for Next-Generation Firewalls

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Paris, France – April, 11, 2011

Summary: Additions to Qosmos’ ixEngine Software Development Kit enable next generation firewall vendors to quickly embed Layer 7 applications visibility and control into products for real-time application identification irrespective of ports or tunnels, while reducing time to market and development costs.

Qosmos, the leading provider of Network Intelligence (NI) technology, today announced a series of enhancements to its ixEngine Software Development Kit (SDK), especially designed for vendors of next-generation firewalls. Qosmos ixEngine improves the depth, breadth and speed of protocol and application recognition for firewall vendors while substantially reducing time to market and development costs for these capabilities in next-generation products.

Key ixEngine capabilities for this market include:

  • Layer 7 application identification and classification
  • Extensive metadata extraction to provide additional network intelligence
  • Fully integrated “Triple R” features (robustness, reliability and resilience)
  • The only traffic parsing and decoding engine to support ALL leading processor architectures

Full application visibility

Qosmos ixEngine is composed of a decoding engine, protocol libraries and development tools that are easily integrated into new or existing solutions. The decoding engine parses network traffic in real time and extracts application data. Within days, firewall vendors can embed ixEngine into products for unmatched application classification and more effective security policy management.

Qosmos ixEngine’s parser identifies applications based on protocol grammar analysis, not ports, and goes beyond traditional Deep Packet Inspection to decode traffic inside tunneling protocols. It can distinguish actions launched within an application (such as login, browse, chat, file transfer, etc.) to better support security policy control. It provides real-time extraction of communications metadata to build advanced security policies based on various metadata attributes, such as message senders and receivers, and names of files shared or attached in an application.

The product is supported by Qosmos’ Protocol Watch Service, which systematically tests protocols, identifies variants and new protocols, and updates ixEngine’s decoder. Qosmos’ protocol plugin suite includes hundreds of protocol and applications and thousands of metadata. In addition, a Protocol Plugin Creator allows users to develop their own protocol plugins that can be integrated into the ixEngine framework.

Designed with “Triple R” in mind

An important consideration for any cyber security application is that it uses a traffic decoding engine featuring robustness, reliability and resilience (“Triple R”). Qosmos ixEngine provides next-generation firewall vendors with just such capabilities that ensure:

  • Resilience, by functioning even under adverse external conditions (e.g. maliciously forged packets or flows)
  • Robustness, by performing well during difficult situations (e.g. SYN flood attacks, incomplete traffic)
  • Reliability, by adequately decoding traffic even under unusual circumstances (e.g. tunnels, obfuscated traffic, non-standard protocol behavior)

The industrial-strength nature of ixEngine results from Qosmos’ long experience in other demanding environments such as telecom operator networks and government applications. A growing base of firewall vendors, including EdenWall Technologies, is using ixEngine to provide deeper security.

“By implementing Qosmos into our solution, we are able to decode application traffic directly from the network to deliver unprecedented levels of security. Moreover, we have been able to develop this feature in a fraction of the time and cost it would have taken to develop the capabilities in-house,” said François Josserand, CEO at EdenWall Technologies. “Through this approach, we have been able to maintain our focus on our core competence of Identity-Based Filtering, while enriching the functionality of our solution with one of the best technologies in the market.”

Support for ALL leading processor architectures

Qosmos is the first and dominant supplier of Network Intelligence technology for traffic parsing, with a large base of OEM customers in enterprise, telecom and government markets. As a result, the decoding capabilities of ixEngine have been optimized for all leading processors on the market: Intel x86, NetLogic XLR, Cavium Octeon, Tilera TILEPro, and Freescale PowerQUICC. This means that OEMs can choose the hardware architecture best suited to their needs while knowing that ixEngine remains fully functional.

Symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), using multi-core processors coupled with memory-use optimization, enable application classification at traffic speeds up to 10 Gbps on a single processor.

Growing threats require network-level intelligence with layer 7 application awareness

“Application-level visibility and control are now a ‘must have’ for firewall vendors to stay competitive, but incorporating these capabilities into products today requires a third-party specialist partner,” explained Qosmos CEO, Thibaut Bechetoille. “Deep Packet Inspection and Network Intelligence are very complex technologies, and require considerable time and resources for vendors to develop and maintain on their own. With Qosmos ixEngine, vendors can focus on their core capability of delivering next-generation firewall products and rely on Qosmos for traffic decoding expertise.”

About Qosmos

Qosmos specializes in unique network intelligence technology that provides unprecedented visibility into data traffic. The company delivers software development kits and intelligent IP probes which recognize more than 1,000 application protocols and extract over 4,500 communication metadata, for the most accurate picture of real-time data activity on networks. Going beyond traditional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, Qosmos treats the network as a real-time database, able to identify, query and extract specific data with unparalleled precision and detail.

Qosmos products are used by Network Equipment Providers, Software Vendors and Systems Integrators to build next-generation solutions where real-time intelligence is critical, such as cyber security, lawful interception, traffic optimization, policy management, service assurance, market research and more. They enable applications, services and networks themselves to be more secure, efficient and profitable.

For more information: www.qosmos.com

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