By integrating service classification, vendors can create vCPE solutions that support Service Function Chaining and a host of new value-added services. Qosmos ixEngine®, the market leading classification and metadata engine, is a key enabler in developing a robust service classification function for vCPE.

Leveraging Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) software can help organizations detect possible cyber attacks as they carry out lateral movements. Qosmos ixEngine examines the data part of every packet that passes an inspection point and is able to detect non-compliant protocols and traffic types that could indicate the presence of a virus, spam, malware, ransomware or other malicious activity. This use case looks at attack techniques and the ability of DPI to detect infiltration during this phase and the different techniques for doing so.

Web conferencing requires a combination of voice, video and chat services (to name a few) which themselves may use a set of different network microservices. This situation creates a growing need for monitoring and service assurance solutions able to deliver granular visibility down to the network microservice; and to do it independently of the vendor-specific equipment that actually delivers those generic services.

Off-the-shelf DPI and packet parsing technology from Qosmos strengthens advanced PROTEI’s policy enforcement & charging system with one of the most powerful network intelligence engines available on the market.