Qosmos Announces Demo of World’s First Virtualized DPI for 4G Networks

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Summary: This demo, launched at Mobile World Congress, shows Qosmos® DPI technology implemented as a Virtual Network Function Component (VNFC) within a virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) framework for 4G broadband mobile networks. EPC developers benefit from rapid time-to-market while telcos profit from integrated intelligence to optimize network services.

Paris, France, 20 February 2014Qosmos, the market leader in embedded Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and network intelligence technology for use in physical, virtualized and in Software Defined Networking (SDN) architectures, today announced a demo of virtualized DPI within a virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) framework for 4G broadband mobile networks.

The demo is composed of a reference architecture developed by Intel®, Qosmos, and Tieto which facilitates the deployment of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) in telecoms networks and enables telecom equipment manufacturers to fulfil the vision for mobile service providers. Designed in accordance with ETSI NFV principles, the reference architecture removes key barriers to NFV adoption, and provides the flexibility and inherent intelligence needed to unleash innovation and rapid service development and monetization.

The live demo, shown for the first time at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, features advanced DPI, traffic shaping, and service invocation. Qosmos virtualized DPI (VNFC) analyzes network traffic in real-time and in detail, and feeds resulting information to a virtual PDN-Gateway that can trigger multiple functions such as quality of service (QoS) management or traffic shaping.

To make it efficient, Qosmos DPI technology is implemented in an elastic way: thanks to an Element Management System, the DPI VNFC can also send behavioral traffic information to the orchestrator/analytics system to trigger events, such as scaling up (add vCPU to the VM instance) or scaling out of virtual machine (VM) instances. This means that operators can optimize costs through improved equipment utilization while securing service level agreements (SLAs) through dynamic and rapid instantiations. This translates into significant OpEx cost reductions associated with, for example, the PDN-GW and implementation of disruptive service provider mobile plans such as tiered pricing, application charging, etc.

“We are currently facing strong demand from the industry for commercial NFV solutions that can be deployed quickly and easily,” said Jerome Tollet, CTO at Qosmos. “This demo shows DPI technology as a virtualized component which can be easily configured and will scale elastically to meet changing network conditions.”

The demo will be shown from 23rd to 27th February 2014 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on the Intel booth Hall 3, 3D30, and the Tieto Booth Hall 5, 5B26.

To download a white paper describing the demo, go to: https://www.qosmos.com/sdn/elastic-dpi-for-vepc/

About Qosmos
Qosmos turns networks into information sources, making them application- and service-aware. The company’s award-winning Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Layer 7 Network Intelligence (NI) technologies recognize thousands of communication protocols and metadata attributes, creating an essential information layer that gives the most accurate picture of real-time data activity on networks.

Market-leading equipment makers, specialized software vendors and cloud service providers embed Qosmos in telco and enterprise solutions where real-time service awareness is critical, such as traffic optimization, policy management, quality of experience, analytics, cyber security and more. Qosmos software development kit and soft probes can be used in all environments – physical, virtualized and in SDN architectures – to accelerate time to market and ensure continuous signature updates.

A pioneer in embedded Network Intelligence software, Qosmos is the leading independent OEM provider on the market today, serving more than 60 companies worldwide. Based in Paris, Qosmos has offices in the Silicon Valley, Singapore and London.

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