Qosmos and Deep-Secure Partner to Improve Application-level Cyber Security

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Paris, France and Malvern, UK – September 17, 2012


See how combined solution provides secure application-level network intelligence at the launch of De Montfort University’s Cyber Security Center


Network Intelligence technology provider Qosmos (www.qosmos.com) and application-level Guard provider, Deep-Secure (www.deep-secure.com), today announced that they have combined expertise to provide deep traffic analysis and application-level content protection that allows SOC administrators to use complex software monitoring, management and visualisation tools without risking application-level attacks. . Network administrators in a Security Operations Centre (SOC) can get a global view of cyber activity by analysing network monitoring information from disparate sources. Information is traditionally collected on a one way flow of data to ensure that no sensitive information from the SOC leaks back into the monitored networks.

To provide a step-function improvement in security visibility, Qosmos Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)-based technology delivers application-level network intelligence in a NetFlow / Syslog format to the SOC where it is interpreted and displayed by the monitoring and management system.

While this gives administrators better visibility on network activity, it also means the monitoring and management platform uses more complex software to process the data received and so becomes vulnerable to application-level, content borne attacks. A Vampire tap can prevent leakage, but offers no protection against this kind of attack.

Additional protection is therefore needed to counter the threat: this is achieved by combining the deep traffic analysis capability of the Qosmos DeepFlow Probe with the application-level content protection of Deep-Secure’s Network Management Guard. The combination allows administrators in the SOC to use complex software monitoring, management and visualisation tools, such as CHIMP (Cyber Holistic Information Management Platform from Intelligent Cyber Systems Ltd.), without risking application-level attacks.

A demonstration of the Qosmos/Deep-Secure/Intelligent Cyber Systems combined solution has been installed at the De Montfort University’s Cyber Security Centre in the UK and will be shown at the centre’s launch event on 18th September 2012.

The demonstration scenario is based around a secure corporate network from which data is filtered for suspicious activity using the Qosmos DeepFlow Probe. The probe is plugged into the corporate network via an inline vampire tap from where it filters the packets. It will identify that a threat has been detected on the network and send that information to the CHIMP monitoring and visualisation platform via the Guard where it can be viewed by the SOC. The Guard inspects syslog data to ensure it is valid. Should it detect any suspicious/malformed data, the Guard will block the offending payload and send a syslog notification to CHIMP containing the blocked action and reason. Here the Deep-Secure Guard is also acting as the secure bridge between the corporate and management networks.

Dr Tim Watson, Director, Cyber Security Centre, De Montfort University
“DMU are delighted to be able to foster joint integration activity between innovative technology providers Deep-Secure & Qosmos, integrated under a common visualisation platform (CHIMP) provided by Intelligent Cyber Strategies Ltd. By taking a pragmatic approach to addressing pressing cyber security issues we hope that we can start to offer real benefits to communities needing to better protect their sensitive networks and data from theft, attack or compromise.”

Duncan Curry, Northern Europe Regional Director, Qosmos
“The combination of Qosmos network visibility and Deep-Secure’s application-level content protection provide SOC administrators with a powerful and secure tool for more detailed analysis, quicker searches, fewer false positives, and more accurate alerts.

The Cyber Security Centre at De Montfort University provides an excellent platform for explaining and demonstrating security and analysis technologies and the need to protect information at all levels. Qosmos is delighted to be working with Deep-Secure within the DMU project as it is this alignment of best of breed partners that drives innovation in this sector.”

Robin King, Sales and Marketing Director of Deep-Secure Ltd
“I am delighted that Deep-Secure and Qosmos are working together to deliver a solution that is delivering value to SOC Administrators and providing assurance at the application level. It is rewarding that the advantage of deep traffic analysis combined with the right level of security can mean companies can continue to conduct their business and not have to encounter the destructive effects of subversive attacks. Deep-Secure are proud to support this joint initiative in conjunction with Tim’s Cyber Security Centre at De Montfort University to offer some pragmatic solutions to real world problems.”

For more information, please visit the Qosmos / Deep-Secure stand at the De Montfort University Cyber Security Centre launch or contact:

  • Qosmos marketing@qosmos.com
  • Deep-Secure: info@deep-secure.com


About Qosmos

Qosmos transforms networks into information sources and enables entirely new services and applications. The company’s Network Intelligence (NI) technology recognizes thousands of communication protocols and metadata attributes for the most accurate picture of real-time data activity on networks. Qosmos NI components are used by vendors in telecommunications and cybersecurity to build next-generation solutions where real-time intelligence is critical, such as traffic optimization, Quality of Service, analytics, firewalls, cyber defense and more, making them more secure, efficient and profitable. www.qosmos.com

About Deep-Secure
Deep-Secure has a wide sector coverage across the Defence and Security community with particular emphasis in the UK MOD, Intelligence, Law Enforcement and the Public Sector. Further afield, Deep-Secure works with NATO, the global Aerospace and Defence Supply Chain and International Defence bodies and are increasingly engaged with the private sector in regulated industries. All have an acute need for compliance and governance for the management of data. Deep-Secure is an active participant of the Transglobal Secure Collaboration Programme (TSCP), the UK Council for electronic Business (UKCeB) and a member of ADS, the UK body supporting Aerospace, Defence and Security businesses.

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