Qosmos and 6WIND Partner on High-Performance Real-Time Network Intelligence Solutions

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Paris, France – August, 29, 2011

Qosmos and 6WIND Partner on High-Performance Real-Time Network Intelligence Solutions

Summary: The combination of Qosmos’ advanced DPI capabilities together with 6WIND’s multicore packet processing provides a high-performance integrated solution that accelerates time to market for advanced mobile, security and network applications.

Qosmos, the leading provider of Network Intelligence (NI) technology and 6WIND (www.6wind.com), the industry standard for commercial multicore packet processing software, today announced a technology partnership between the two companies. With tight integration between the companies’ products, network equipment providers can add Qosmos’ real-time NI capabilities and 6WIND’s advanced, multicore packet acceleration to their solutions, benefitting from proven interoperability between the two complementary technologies. This accelerates time to market for advanced mobile, cyber security and network applications.

Networking applications such as intrusion prevention and detection systems, mobile video compression, and 4G policy and charging enforcement (PCEF) require advanced DPI technology accelerated by high-performance packet processing. These functions need to be performed at wire-speed (10Gbps or 40Gbps today, with higher speeds in the future), requiring the use of highly-integrated solutions optimized for system-level performance.

Qosmos Network Intelligence technology identifies and extracts data traveling over networks in real time, providing a true picture of its purpose, use and value. 6WIND’s 6WINDGate™ software accelerates packet processing for networking applications, delivering up to a 10x performance improvement compared to standard operating system stacks with full portability across multicore architectures. Networking applications will benefit from the combination of Qosmos’ high-performance network traffic extraction and parsing and 6WIND’s packet acceleration, achieving accelerated time to market thanks to the use of a pre-integrated solution as well as optimized cost-performance, integration and efficiency.

“In today’s highly competitive market, vendors no longer have the luxury of developing certain capabilities in-house,” said Thibaut Bechetoille, president and CEO of Qosmos. “To get applications to market faster, they must rely on technology specialists such as Qosmos and 6WIND to provide key capabilities while maintaining a focus on their own core competencies. This practice removes the considerable time, cost and risk of trying to develop such sophisticated capabilities internally.”

“The partnership between 6WIND and Qosmos offers OEMs a highly-efficient solution for high-performance Network Intelligence,” said Eric Carmès, CEO of 6WIND. “Our mutual customers will benefit from accelerated time-to-market thanks to the use of proven, pre-integrated solutions that leverage best-in-class technology from each company. We are pleased to partner with Qosmos and look forward to marketing our solutions together.”

About Qosmos

Qosmos specializes in unique network intelligence technology that provides unprecedented visibility into data traffic. The company delivers software development kits and intelligent IP probes which recognize thousands of protocols and metadata attributes for the most accurate picture of real-time data activity on networks. Going beyond traditional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, Qosmos treats the network as a real-time database, able to identify, query and extract specific data with unparalleled precision and detail.

Qosmos products are used by Network Equipment Providers, Software Vendors and Systems Integrators to build next-generation solutions where real-time intelligence is critical, such as cyber security, lawful interception, traffic optimization, content billing, service assurance, market research and more. They enable applications, services and networks themselves to be more secure, efficient and profitable.

About 6WIND

6WIND provides high-performance packet processing software solutions used by leading suppliers of equipment, for cloud computing, enterprise networking and telecom infrastructure. The company’s 6WINDGate™ solution eliminates up to twelve months from clients’ product development cycles, while maximizing the performance of their multi-core platforms. To ensure the availability of a complete system-level ecosystem, 6WIND partners with industry-leading suppliers of board-level products, operating systems and embedded software products worldwide. 6WIND is a privately owned company based near Paris, France with a US subsidiary in California, a sales and support office in Asia, and an R&D center in Beijing, China. For more information, visit www.6wind.com.

Qosmos Media Contact

Debby Stefaniak, Full Circle Communications
Phone: +1-215-712-2409 / Email: dstefaniak@fullcirclecomm.com

6WIND Media Contact

Rick Gimbel, TechMarketeers
Phone: +1 (480) 626-1954 / Email: rick@techmarketeers.com