PROTEI to Enhance DPI Suite with Qosmos Network Intelligence Technology

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Paris, France, February 7th 2013  – PROTEI Ltd., a leading Russian provider of telecom solutions to the telecommunications market has chosen Qosmos’ ixEngine Network Intelligence technology to embed Layer 7 DPI capabilities into its PROTEI DPI platform. As a result, PROTEI has been able to bring solutions for its fixed and mobile telecom customers to market faster, allowing them to see a quicker time to revenue.

PROTEI is one of Russia´s leading providers of telecoms solutions whose product line includes a packet processing offering. Their PROTEI DPI product is a traffic management platform with deep packet inspection capabilities that allows customers to effectively manage the utilization of network resources and provide new value generating services, including dynamic policy enforcement, traffic charging and value-added traffic manipulation.

Qosmos ixEngine is the de facto industry-standard software engine for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and L7 application intelligence in telecoms, cloud and SDN architectures. Qosmos ixEngine identifies and extracts information traveling over networks in real time, providing a true picture of the traffic by identifying protocols, types of application, and extracting additional information in the form of metadata. Integrated into PROTEI’s platform, Qosmos’ technology has enabled PROTEI to inject best-in-class metadata and protocol recognition into its solutions, boosting innovation with a cost-effective approach, and allowing them to keep ahead of their rivals in this highly competitive market. The modularity of Qosmos ixEngine has also enabled PROTEI to develop solutions that could be tailored to fit their telecom operator customers’ business requirements.

“We realized that developing and maintaining application-level traffic parsing capability internally necessitated a considerable investment in internal R&D resources, which have detracted from our focus on our core business,” said Vladimir Freinkman, VP Marketing and Business Development at PROTEI Ltd. “More importantly, the complexity of the connections and the speed of change within the network infrastructure itself required us to seek out a specialist vendor.  By using proven Qosmos ixEngine software, our development teams can stay focused on bringing new solutions to market much faster than ever before – in fact, in as little as 6 months!”  

“Understanding the complexity of network traffic and how to best leverage it in your solutions can be a daunting task for many solution providers,” said Thibaut Bechetoille, CEO of Qosmos. “We are proud to have delivered such business-defining benefits to PROTEI, to reinforce their position against the competition, and to contribute to their continued delivery of best in class technology to customers.”

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About Qosmos
Qosmos turns networks into information sources, making them application- and service-aware. The company’s award-winning Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Layer 7 Network Intelligence (NI) technologies recognize thousands of communication protocols and metadata attributes, creating an essential information layer that gives the most accurate picture of real-time data activity on networks.
Market-leading equipment makers, specialized software vendors and cloud service providers embed Qosmos in telco and enterprise solutions where real-time Layer 7 intelligence is critical, such as traffic optimization, policy management, quality of experience, analytics, firewalls, cyber defense and more. Qosmos software development kit and probes can be used in all environments – physical, virtualized and in SDN architectures – to accelerate time to market and ensure continuous signature updates.
A pioneer in Network Intelligence based on DPI, Qosmos is the leading independent OEM provider on the market today, serving more than 50 companies worldwide. Based in Paris, Qosmos has offices in Silicon Valley, Singapore and London. For more information, please visit

About PROTEI Ltd.
PROTEI is one of Russia´s leading providers of IT solutions to the international telecommunications industry. The company was founded in 1997, and now has an elite team of over 150 top IT and telecommunications professionals. PROTEI’s products have been tried and tested in many fields, with customers including emergency services and government organizations. More than 37 mobile and fixed-line operators in 22 countries use PROTEI equipment to serve over 100 million subscribers worldwide.

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