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The Qosmos Probe has been developed to provide non-intrusive visibility into network infrastructures. It identifies the application behind each IP session and delivers detailed metadata from protocols and applications. Relevant classification information and metadata is available either in real time, via an API, or from a standard database with an open data model (the Qosmos Traffic Matrix).

At the heart of the probe is Qosmos ixEngine®, the market leading next-generation Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine that provides detailed, real-time IP traffic classification.

The Qosmos Probe supports fast data capture mechanisms such as DPDK and OVS in order to deliver information for services running on any type of infrastructure (physical, virtualized and hybrid). It has a Netconf interface for configuration and aggregation of different variables to create specific KPIs in the Traffic Matrix. It also has APIs to standard interfaces for real-time and batch reporting.


  • High-degree of information granularity
  • Fully customizable extraction of traffic information and KPIs
  • Probing can be turned on and off to investigate issues only when needed
  • A single probing approach for hybrid environments where services run across both physical and virtual interfaces
  • Follows NFV standards for future proofing
  • Runs on commodity hardware
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