New Qosmos DeepFlow Probes Deliver the Power of Network Intelligence in Ready-to-Use Formats

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Packaged, application-specific components in a choice of form factors simplify access to real-time network intelligence for mobile analytics, QoE measurement, network security and more, including in virtualized network environments

Paris, France – February 6, 2013

Leveraging the power of its ixEngine, the most powerful DPI engine on the market, Qosmos ( today announced the availability of pre-configured, plug-and-play DeepFlow probes. These ready-to-use components contain protocol and metadata plugins and data export modules to feed actionable L4-7 Network Intelligence to specific applications, such as for mobile analytics, QoE measurement and network security. Qosmos DeepFlow® can be used in all environments: physical, and virtualized architectures.

The probes classify traffic into organized flows, describe protocols and relevant metadata in real time, and stream metadata to a target application or third-party system. Vendors and integrators can select probes according to application, network speed and form factor. Each probe is available as an appliance, blade, or software-only form factor for use in any network, including virtualized and cloud environments. The probes operate at network speeds of 2, 4, 10 and 20 Gb/s, and are able to handle complex network behavior, such as http pipelining or http proxy. Virtualizing or stacking several DeepFlow probes extends capacity to millions of subscribers and hundreds of Gb/s.

Requirements for advanced DPI and network intelligence is rising, but network vendors and systems integrators lack the expertise, time and resources for in-house development or integration.

Qosmos meets the demand with its new portfolio of DeepFlow probes in a choice of form factors to fit specific use cases:

  • DeepFlow for Mobile Analytics provides visibility on subscribers’ use of network services for the creation of user profiles and preferences. This probe delivers information on protocols and applications used by subscribers, including for example those embedded in Facebook, and extracts application metadata for more detailed profiles. The information is fed to third party analytics systems through standard connectors. Qosmos DeepFlow is used by Systems Integrators and Network Equipment vendors.
  • DeepFlow for QoS/QoE provides Quality of Experience metrics such as application response time, jitter, video codec details, etc. on each IP flow, including standardized protocols and OTT applications. The information is fed to third party systems through standard connectors. 
  • DeepFlow for Security provides SIEM vendors with application-level searching and alerting, enabling customers with faster yet more granular searches, fewer false positives and more accurate alerts. This probe has received Common Event Format (CEF) certification from HP ArcSight. It is also used by security vendors and integrators to feed application information and metadata to solutions such as NBAD, DDoS mitigation and network forensics.
  • DeepFlow Application Component Suite (ACS) is a platform product which can be configured to stream any data in any data structure. This fully customizable probe reveals the full capability of Qosmos L4-7 Network Intelligence, to fit the needs for any use case in telecoms or security.

Qosmos’ L4-7 flow analysis technology is the first to natively support IPv6 (and all transition mechanisms between IPv6 and IPv4) for metadata-driven Network Intelligence. The DeepFlow probes package this technology to provide deep, real-time visibility into network traffic to address specific requirements.

“Intelligent DPI is essential for applications like mobile analytics, quality of experience and network security” stressed Qosmos CEO Thibaut Bechetoille. “That’s why we created an additional line of application-specific, plug-and-play, DeepFlow probes in line with the new market needs for visibility, reducing time to market for vendors and systems integrators while increasing overall performance.”

About Qosmos
Qosmos turns networks into information sources, making them application- and service-aware. The company’s award-winning Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Layer 7 Network Intelligence (NI) technologies recognize thousands of communication protocols and metadata attributes, creating an essential information layer that gives the most accurate picture of real-time data activity on networks.
Market-leading equipment makers, specialized software vendors and cloud service providers embed Qosmos in telco and enterprise solutions where real-time Layer 7 intelligence is critical, such as traffic optimization, policy management, quality of experience, analytics, firewalls, cyber defense and more. Qosmos software development kit and probes can be used in all environments – physical, virtualized and in SDN architectures – to accelerate time to market and ensure continuous signature updates.
A pioneer in Network Intelligence based on DPI, Qosmos is the leading independent OEM provider on the market today, serving more than 50 companies worldwide. Based in Paris, Qosmos has offices in Silicon Valley, Singapore and London. For more information, please visit

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