New Qosmos DeepFlow Probe Provides Unprecedented Network Visibility for Security Solutions

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Paris, France – February, 27, 2012

Ready-to-use traffic analysis appliance bridges the gap between NetFlow and full packet capture to improve the effectiveness of security tools

Qosmos, the leader in Network Intelligence (NI) technology, will unveil its new DeepFlow™ Probe for real-time, application-level traffic analysis at RSA® Conference 2012 in San Francisco February 27 – March 2.

With an ever increasing volume and complexity of incoming events, effective network protection requires security teams to quickly identify potential cyber threats. Until now, these teams had the choice between searching through logs, NetFlow, or full packet captures. The new Qosmos DeepFlow probe combines the advantages of existing methods into a single data stream of application and protocol behavior, providing a step-function improvement in visibility for security vendors and integrators.

Qosmos DeepFlow Probe classifies network traffic into organized flows, describing the protocols and relevant metadata in real time. Designed for security vendors and MSSP Offerings, the ready-to-use appliance adds behavioral context to traffic monitoring, resulting in improvements in security visibility and actionable information to quickly differentiate good from bad traffic.

Key features:

  • 1U appliance with forensically accurate flow and metadata extraction
  • 2/4/10 Gb/s network configurations
  • Ready-to-use OEM managed platform
  • On-the-fly protocol/metadata updates
  • IPFIX, SYSLOG, and JSON export formats

Qosmos DeepFlow Probe’s benefits by vendor:

  • Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP): Provides rich datasets of customers’ application and user behaviors, reducing costs and increasing effectiveness of SIEM and DDoS protection solutions
  • NBAD/SIEM vendor: Improves traffic query speed and depth of information for detecting suspicious activity and investigative analysis
  • DDoS protection vendor: Enables customers to reduce false positives, preventing the blocking of good business traffic
  • Network Analytics vendor: Brings traffic’s application attributes into network troubleshooting instantly, isolating network errors from potential attacks faster

Highest levels of protocol and application recognition available anywhere for real-time traffic classification and analysis

Qosmos specializes in “next generation” Network Intelligence technology, going beyond today’s Deep Packet Inspection capabilities and extracting metadata from real-time traffic flows for behavioral context. It is used as a component technology by solution vendors to inject this intelligence into their offerings, while ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met in accordance with local laws around compliance, privacy, and more.

Qosmos identifies a large number of protocols and Internet applications, and extracts more metadata than any other technology at flow, service, application, user, and application-content levels.

Qosmos further supports the DeepFlow Probe with:

  • Continuous protocol evolution monitoring and protocol updates
  • On-demand development of custom protocol recognition
  • Tools for vendors to create their own customized protocol and application plug-ins

“Developing and maintaining such complex technology involves considerable expertise and commitment.” said Thibaut Bechetoille, CEO of Qosmos. “When attempted in-house, it takes vendors away from their core focus at considerable time and cost. It takes a specialist. Building metadata libraries and keeping them up to date for new network applications, protocols and all their variants is our core focus. By working with Qosmos as a partner, and embedding our technology into their solutions, vendors accelerate their time to market, reduce risk and improve product quality with unprecedented traffic visibility.”


Qosmos DeepFlow Probe is immediately available in 2Gb/s, 4Gb/s and 10Gb/s configurations. These data rates align with other network products in data centers, making integration seamless, and enabling vendors the maximum flexibility to address their customers’ specific needs.

RSA Conference demonstrations

Demonstrations of Qosmos DeepFlow Probe analyzing sample Internet traffic can be seen in the Qosmos booth (#2158) during the RSA Conference, February 27 – March 2 in San Francisco.