EdenWall Technologies Embeds Qosmos to Enhance Application Visibility for Enterprise Security Solution

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Paris, France – April, 5, 2010

Summary: By embedding advanced Network Intelligence technology from Qosmos into its Identity-Based Security Appliance, EdenWall Technologies gains a deeper level of application visibility and control, blocking security threats at the network level and contributing to mitigate security risks for enterprise customers.

Qosmos (www.qosmos.com) today announced that EdenWall Technologies has chosen Qosmos’ industry-leading Network Intelligence (NI) technology to provide in-depth application visibility into network traffic flows in its line of Identity-Based security appliances for enterprise and government customers.

EdenWall Technologies offers security appliances that provide organizations with advanced filtering capabilities based on strict user identity and associated access rights, complemented by protocol- and application-based technologies. This last approach enforces security policies at the application level rather than relying on user IP addresses or IANA ports, ensuring that only authorized users gain access.

Qosmos’ NI technology identifies and extracts information traveling over networks in real time, providing a true picture of the traffic by identifying protocols, types of application, and even communication metadata. Embedded in EdenWall’s solution, Qosmos software treats the network as a real-time database, able to precisely identify, query and extract specific data, allowing Security Appliances to block, filter and mitigate security threats before they affect enterprise assets.

“The complexity of interconnected networks can leave vulnerabilities in real-time data transmission. Security solutions must also evolve to accommodate rapidly changing environments, such as virtual server and desktop computing, as well as to provide a high level of protection without making the network security infrastructure unworkably complex,” said François Josserand, CEO at EdenWall Technologies. “By implementing Qosmos into our solution, we are able to decode application traffic directly from the network to deliver unprecedented levels of security. Moreover, we have been able to develop this feature in a fraction of the time and cost it would have taken to develop the capabilities in-house. Through this approach, we have been able to maintain our focus on our core competence of Identity-Based Filtering, while enriching the functionality of our solution with one of the best technologies in the market.”

“The reliance on IP-based communications means that vendors must consider the network an integral component of their solution architectures. Forward-thinking companies like EdenWall Technologies recognize that the complex connections and speed of change within today’s network infrastructure require dedicated expertise in understanding network protocols and applications,” said Thibaut Bechetoille, CEO at Qosmos. “By relying on Qosmos for the Network Intelligence technology in their solutions, they can focus their efforts on core competencies and deliver high-performance security appliances for enterprise customers.”

About Qosmos

Qosmos specializes in unique network intelligence technology that provides unprecedented visibility into data traffic. The company delivers software development kits and intelligent IP probes which recognize thousands of protocols and metadata attributes for the most accurate picture of real-time data activity on networks. Going beyond traditional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, Qosmos treats the network as a real-time database, able to identify, query and extract specific data with unparalleled precision and detail.

Qosmos products are used by Network Equipment Providers, Software Vendors and Systems Integrators to build next-generation solutions where real-time intelligence is critical, such as cyber security, lawful interception, traffic optimization, content billing, service assurance, market research and more. They enable applications, services and networks themselves to be more secure, efficient and profitable.

About EdenWall Technologies

Created in 2004, EdenWall Technologies is the French manufacturer/publisher of new generation EdenWall Security Appliances and EdenWall Virtual Security Appliances. Because they filter connections depending on user identity, EdenWall Security Appliances offer an unmatched security level together with an extreme ease of use. The EdenWall Technologies range suits the needs of organizations of all sizes. Besides traditional firewall functionalities, identity-based filtering and site to site or mobile VPN, EdenWall Security Appliances offer antivirus, antispam, IDS/IPS and URL filtering functionalities. EdenWall Technologies is also the publisher of the security information and event management Prelude Pro solution. For information visit www.edenwall.com

Qosmos Media Contact

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