Code Of Ethics

code of ethics

Our Business

Qosmos, a division of Enea, is a software provider whose Network Intelligence technology is used by software vendors and equipment providers to decode network traffic. Qosmos technology improves network and application performance; ensures greater security of data, networks and society; and enables the creation of entirely new applications and services. Our components are integrated into a wide variety of commercial network security and telecommunications applications, including traffic management, Quality of Service, firewalls, mobile billing, market research and more.

Guiding Principles

Qosmos is committed to socially responsible business practices, treating our employees, our customers and partners, and more generally, our communities, with respect and dignity. Qosmos supports the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Global Compact, along with the Electronic Industry Citizen Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Qosmos adheres to all applicable national and international laws regarding the sale, use and export of our technology in the countries in which we operate, and operates in compliance with applicable regulations such as protecting copyright and intellectual property, privacy and data security.

Ethical Workplace

We commit to provide our employees a safe and ethical place of work, supporting rights and responsibilities such as non-discrimination, fair wages, immigration and anti-corruption practices. These principles are reflected in our employee code of conduct and human resources policies.

Socially Responsible Business Partners

Qosmos expects its suppliers and customers to follow high standards of business conduct. We assess the business practices of our partners as part of the qualification process.

Responsible Use of Qosmos Technology

Our technology is intended to enable greater transparency, access and availability of Internet-based communications. We expect that customers using our technology will do so in accordance with all applicable national and international laws. Qosmos does not intend its technology to be used to infringe upon basic privacy or human rights, nor to limit access to open communications.

Stakeholder Engagement

As a supplier of Deep Packet Inspection-based technology and a leading expert in its wide range of applications, we welcome engagement with interested stakeholders in industry, academia and NGOs to address actual and intended use cases and related issues – with the shared goals to improve the Internet economy and ensure global access to information.