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Enea Qosmos ixEngine Wins Award for Cloud Computing

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Enea has been awarded the 2022 Product of the Year Award, presented by Cloud Computing Magazine, for Qosmos ixEngine®.

The Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award honors vendors with the most innovative, useful, and beneficial cloud products and services that have been available to deploy within the past year.

Qosmos ixEngine is an embedded DPI and traffic intelligence engine that recognizes and classifies over 3600 protocols. It uses advanced analytics to non-intrusively extract real-time information about applications, services, content, users, devices, transactions and security threats from traffic flows.
Cloud security is a hot market trend, driven by strong interest for the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework, in which wide-area networking and cybersecurity are fully merged and delivered as a distributed cloud service. This simplifies network management and boosts performance by bringing users and resources closer together. SASE also enhances security by segmenting traffic and applying rules according to the unique profile and context of each traffic flow.

Developed specifically for integration into third-party applications, Qosmos ixEngine provides the accurate, granular application awareness that is critical to every core SASE networking and security function, from network access to traffic steering to firewalling. And it can be flexibly deployed at the Edge, in the Data Center, or in the Cloud.

To successfully deliver on these SASE promises requires comprehensive, real-time traffic visibility specifically adapted for today’s complex, distributed networks. This is why SASE market leaders trust Enea Qosmos’ traffic classification and inspection technology to meet their traffic intelligence needs.

The Enea Qosmos ixEngine has been specifically engineered to meet the special visibility demands of SASE. From accurately identifying applications from the first packet to providing unique insights into users, devices, content and flows, it provides the contextual foundation upon which superior SASE solutions are built.