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2019 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards: Enea Qosmos Probe as DPI Sensor nominated in Network Traffic Analysis category

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Enea’s Qosmos Probe is a Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) sensor that represents a new form factor, leveraging the granular visibility of DPI to complement existing security tech stacks and significantly strengthen threat hunting capabilities. It has recently been nominated for a 2019 Cybersecurity Excellence Award in the Network Traffic Analysis category.

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, produced by Cybersecurity Insiders in partnership with the Information Security Community on LinkedIn, recognize companies, products and individuals that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security.

This award nomination reflects Enea’s leading edge expertise in advanced DPI, delivered by the Qosmos technology team, and the ability to build innovative solutions for the most demanding environments, including cyber security and cyber defense. It also confirms that the Qosmos Probe as DPI Sensor has become a key technology for advanced threat hunting, used by large SOCs operated by high-end MSSPs and Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service providers.

Used as a complement to traditional network security solutions, the Qosmos Probe as DPI Sensor is an expert tool for network forensics and threat hunting. It streamlines investigations and improves time-to-detection by capturing and analyzing 100% of traffic in real-time, including traffic shape and content. It can recognize an extensive range of protocols (over 3100), including new and outdated protocols, and identify devices/servers/VMs that they cross. In addition, the metadata extracted (up to 5000) from traffic flows by the Qosmos Probe provides a rich information feed that can be used to boost machine learning for User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and Next Gen SIEM, strengthening threat analytics. This translates into more accurate alerts, shorter time-to-detection, and fewer false positives.

You can vote for Enea Qosmos Probe as DPI Sensor here https://cybersecurity-excellence-awards.com/candidates/enea-qosmos-probe-as-dpi-sensor