Webinar – The Role of DPI in Virtualized Networks

Wednesday, January 22nd, 201408.00 AM US Pacific Time / 11:00 AM US Eastern Time / 5:00 PM Central European Time / 4:00 PM GMT
Duration: 60 mins

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In this webinar, Graham Finne, Chief Analyst at Heavy Reading and David Le Goff, Director of Strategic and Product Marketing at Qosmos, will discuss the role of DPI in a network based on virtualization and SDN techniques. The Webinar will be based around an exclusive survey of equipment vendors which asked for their views on the future of DPI.

What you will takeaway:

  • Learn how SDN and NFV will impact DPI
  • Find out which DPI use cases matter most
  • Prepare for ETSI NFV standards around DPI
  • Review emerging hardware and software challenges raised by NFV
  • Reduce the risk of launching new services by leveraging standards-based integration
  • Grasp new opportunities in the transition to virtual switching
  • Understand the key issues when choosing between insourcing and outsourcing DPI technology

To see the archive, click here.

To download the related white paper, “DPI & Traffic Analysis in Networks Based on NFV and SDN”, click here.