Subscriber Analytics

MNOs need detailed analytics in order to develop more personalized services. This means that analytics solution vendors must go beyond collection of server logs and use L4-L7 Deep Packet Inspection technology to gather detailed information directly from the traffic, in real-time.

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Qosmos DeepFlow DPI Probe Software for Analytics

Qosmos DeepFlow® is designed to identify the applications behind each IP session. Visibility is enhanced by the delivery of detailed metadata embedded in protocols and application flows. This information is injected into a third party analytics systems through a standard connector.

Flow decoding is carried out in real time, at core network speeds  (e.g.  20 Gps per box). Virtualizing or stacking of several appliances running DeepFlow software enables monitoring of hundreds of Gps and millions of subscribers.

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ixEngine Deep Packet Inspection and Metadata Engine

Qosmos ixEngine DPI and metadata engine is a software library with constantly updated protocol and application plug-ins, in line with new applications used over landline and mobile networks.

Designed to be embedded in analytics solutions, ixEngine APIs provide full visibility on what applications and services are consumed by subscribers.

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“There is a trend towards using niche specialists in the DPI area. Outsourcing highly specialized technical capabilities allows Equipment Manufacturers to focus on overall solutions development.”

Graham Finnie
Chief Analyst, Heavy Reading

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