Intelligent, Dynamic Service Chaining for Mobile Gi-LAN

The networking and telecommunications industries have begun to incorporate virtualization technology in ways similar to data centers. Adopting principles outlined by network functions virtualization (NFV), network functions are being consolidated onto standard, high-volume servers, switches, and storage in order to increase flexibility, equipment utilization, and operating efficiencies.



Optimize number and sequence (chain) of service functions needed to process network traffic, for example in the Gi-LAN of a mobile network.



The Qosmos Classifier® is an ETSI-compliant Virtual Network Function (VNF) providing full network application visibility up to Layer 7. It is a standards-based, pure software product which colors IP traffic with application-awareness, using IETF NSH/SCH tagging (upcoming standard), or existing ToS/DSCP marking, VLAN tagging, etc. Suppliers of equipment, platforms, middleware, and software can leverage this ready-to-use product to rapidly build application-aware solutions for service providers, datacenters and enterprises. The Qosmos Classifier is especially well-suited to enable intelligent, dynamic service chaining for mobile Gi-LAN environments.



  • Efficient and dynamic service chaining based on tag processing
  • Optimized Opex & Capex, since application-awareness is added to existing network elements (with no impact)
  • Consistent application network management, based on single and consistent packet tagging
  • Carrier-grade high performance and availability




“Qosmos has been the gold standard for embedded DPI and related applications. With their recent work in NFV, they’re leading the market into the critical area of DPI as a service, and facilitating the integration of SDN and NFV into a common and more compelling revolution in networking.”

Tom Nolle

President, CIMI Corporation