Quality of Experience (QoE)

As a complement to OMC counters, QoS / QoE solutions need more detailed information on protocols and applications metadata such as delay and packet latency in order to compute KPIs. In addition, they need a technology that enables systems to carry out investigations through several angles: per individual subscriber, per handset type, per data content and per network element.

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DeepFlow Probe for QoS/QoE

Qosmos DeepFlow® probes are designed to identify the applications behind each IP session. Visibility is enhanced by the delivery of detailed metadata embedded in protocols and application flows.

Example of QoE metadata delivered by DeepFlow for QoE:

  • Flow metadata: application ID, Jitter, packet loss, application response time, per flow, delay, MOS, timestamp.
  • User metadata: IP address, GTP.imsi, GTP.imei, SIP.caller, SIP.callee, RADIUS.login, DHCP.mac_address.
  • Device metadata: GTP.user_agent.

This information is injected into a third party QoS/QoE system through a standard connector.
Flow decoding is carried out in real time, at very high speeds (up to 20 Gbps per box).

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Deep Packet Inspection and Metadata Engine

Qosmos ixEngine DPI and metadata engine is a software library with constantly updated protocol and application plug-ins, in line with new applications used over landline and mobile networks. Designed to be embedded in QoS/QoE solutions, ixEngine APIs provide full visibility on how IP applications and services behave on the network.

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“There is a trend towards using niche specialists in the DPI area. Outsourcing highly specialized technical capabilities allows Equipment Manufacturers to focus on overall solutions development.”

Graham Finnie
Chief Analyst, Heavy Reading