Policy Control and Charging (PCC)

Typical Situation Today

Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) need to to understand network traffic in detail and in real time to enable personalized policy control.


Strengthening a PCC Solution with Qosmos Application Classification and Metadata Engine

Qosmos ixEngine can be embedded into core network elements such as GGSNs, PDN Gateways, Mobile Gateways or PCEF products. Only Qosmos technology provides real-time application awareness for over 97% of the traffic flows and extraction of detailed application metadata.

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TEMs can develop products perfectly suited for carrier requirements for managing the exponential growth of mobile data, providing differentiated services and enhancing user experience and quality of service.

  • IP application protocol libraries constantly updated in line with new applications used over mobile networks.
  • Specific development for additional protocols/applications with aggressive timing.
  • Focus on your core competence by outsourcing advanced protocol and application expertise
  • Avoid the upfront costs, time-to-market delays, and associated business risks of in-house development of application classification and metadata extraction technology

Openwave Mobility & Qosmos Enable Mobile Operators to Create Application-Specific Price Plans

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