Virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC)


  • Performance when DPI is using same processing power as network functions
  • Long development cycles to embed DPI in each function (silo-based approach)


  • Qosmos DPI provides protocol classification and metadata extraction in an ETSI-compliant VNFC-format


  • Short time to market for solution developers
  • High performance with elastic DPI scalability for vEPC
  • Safe implementation: PDN-GW service function is de-correlated from DPI software and signature updates
  • Enables multiple use cases: monitoring (SLAs), policy enforcement, tiered pricing, analytics, parental control, application gating (government regulations)

“Qosmos has been the gold standard for embedded DPI and related applications. With their recent work in NFV, they’re leading the market into the critical area of DPI as a service, and facilitating the integration of SDN and NFV into a common and more compelling revolution in networking.”

Tom Nolle

President, CIMI Corporation

European Telecommunications Standards Institute