Qosmos Professional Services

As the only supplier focusing 100% on OEM business, Qosmos follows an advanced partnership model. The objective is to enable Qosmos users to accelerate their time to market for solutions embedding advanced DPI-based IP classification and real-time Network Intelligence. Qosmos provides tools, expertise and support for developers to minimize burdens of development costs, project risks and ongoing solution maintenance.  

Qosmos offers Professional Services for each key phase of an integration project :

  • Design Phase: Qosmos assists with the choice IP classification technology and architecture best suited for your requirements
  • Development Phase: Qosmos helps you optimize solution performance, time to market and quality
  • Deployment Phase: Qosmos supports the evolution of your products with continuous technology updates (protocols, metadata and software functionality)


Design Phase Services


  • Fast-track technology evaluation
  • Consulting for design of solution embedding Qosmos
  • Standard or customized training (onsite or at Qosmos facilities)
  • Design of custom probe
  • Design of extension modules or subsystems

Development Phase Services     


  • Product roadmap acceleration (platform, feature, applications, protocols)
  • Porting ixEngine onto a new platform (processor, hardware, operating system)
  • Development of custom probe
  • Development of custom protocol signatures
  • Development of extension modules or subsystems
  • Assistance with ixEngine integration (onsite engineer)
  • Standard or customized training (onsite or at Qosmos facilities)

Deployment Phase Services


  • Assistance with customer-specific solution deployment
  • Update-training on new features or releases
  • Consulting for strategic marketing of solution embedding Qosmos
  • Deployment of custom developments


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“There is a trend towards using niche specialists in the DPI area. Outsourcing highly specialized technical capabilities allows Equipment Manufacturers to focus on overall solutions development.”

Graham Finnie
Chief Analyst, Heavy Reading

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