SDN & OpenFlow World Congress


Discover Layer 7 Visibility at the Qosmos Booth, no 69 on Level 0

Come to the Qosmos booth to find out how L4-7 traffic analysis delivers complete, real-time application and protocol visibility to SDN & NFV solutions for the creation of new value-added services.

See the Qosmos Presentation on How to Boost VNFs with VPP

On Thursday October 13 at 12:25 p.m., Nicolas Bouthors, Qosmos CTO, and Christophe Fontaine, Open Source Developer, will present “Reality-check: Boosting VNFs with Vector Packet Processing (VPP)”.

Cisco’s now open-source virtual switch module has a reputation for high performance, proven technology, flexibility, and a rich feature set. Qosmos CTO Office will share key learning points from using VPP as a framework to build applications faster and to improve VNF performance.

This presentation will describe practical experience from:

  • Making multiple applications coexist on a single VPP
  • Stretching the envelope from low end to high end implementations
  • Testing specific use cases such as DPI for performance monitoring

Qosmos ixEngine® provides real-time traffic classification up to Layer 7, and is easily integrated into SDN & NFV solutions to strengthen service chaining, traffic shaping, analytics and security.

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