Application Classification and Metadata Extraction Technology for SDN and NFV

This section describes product concepts leveraging Qosmos technology for environments based on Software Defined Networking (SDN) or Network Function Virtualization (NFV).


Virtual Network Function Component (VNFC)

This Qosmos concept runs in a virtual machine and uses an optimized interface to feed application information and metadata to other integrated components, together forming virtual networking functions (VNFs) or equipment such as Service Routers, GGSN, PGW, PCEF, BRAS, ADC/Load Balancers, Network Analytics, NG Firewalls, WAN optimization, etc.


Application-Aware Vector Packet Processing (VPP)

VPP is a high performance, virtual switch module, which runs on commodity CPUs. By combining VPP with Qosmos ready-to-use DPI software, developers can work in a DevOps mode to accelerate time to market for new, high-performance and application-aware VNFs.


Service Classifier

The Qosmos Classifier is a dedicated software function with open SDN & NFV interfaces, designed to enable any type of service combination while optimizing networking and infrastructure costs. Systems integrators and solution vendors can leverage this ready-to-use service classifier to enable intelligent, dynamic service chaining for operator mobile Gi-LAN or vCPE.

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