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Between CEOs: Thibaut Bechetoille Interviewed by Steve Saunders, CEO, Light Reading


The Changing Face of DPI

Steve Saunders, Light Reading’s CEO and Founder, interviews Thibaut about the changing state of the art in deep packet inspection technology. Thibaut explains Qosmos’ role in SDN and NFV architectures and the company’s strategy to become a key technology supplier to operators deploying the next generation of telecom networks.
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Analyst Interview: New Use Cases for DPI & Network Intelligence

Jonathon Gordon, Directing Analyst, Expert Market Insight, presents the key findings of the latest EMI report on DPI and network intelligence, in particular the new use cases for monetizing, optimization, security and analytics. He also summarizes the impact of SDN & NFV on operator and vendor business models.

Executive View: Erik Larsson, VP Marketing, Qosmos, presents Efficient Service Chaining

Erik Larsson, VP Marketing at Qosmos, is interviewed by Heavy Reading Senior Analyst, Gabriel Brown, on Efficient Service Chaining Based on Qosmos Classifier

In competitive markets, with rapid innovation at the application layer, telecom operators are looking for fast and easy service creation, at a lower cost than today. A key ingredient to achieve these goals is intelligent, dynamic service chaining. The Qosmos Classifier is a newly launched networking component providing the intelligence to create any type of service combination while optimizing costs. Systems integrators and vendors can use this standards-based classifier to enable subscriber and application-aware service chaining, in particular for mobile Gi-LAN.

Tech Corner: Enabling Dynamic Policy & Orchestration with a DPI Module Integrated in the vSwitch

Network operators are currently struggling with services that are implemented in a static chain leading to technical and organizational challenges involving significant modification to network management and QoS. In this presentation, filmed at OpenStack Paris 2014, Jerome Tollet, Qosmos’ CTO, explains how the sequence and number of services can be optimized in a dynamic way when Deep Packet Inspection software is integrated with the vSwitch. For service providers, this translates into increased flexibility, better ROI, and facilitated innovation.

Tech Corner: Intelligent, Dynamic Service Function Chaining (SFC)

In this demonstration, Qosmos DPI technology, embedded as a network component, analyses traffic in real time and enables intelligent traffic steering to optimize the number and sequence (chain) of service functions:

- Traffic is steered in the proper chain based on the transported application (L7)

- Chain configuration is dynamically updatable: steering rules, chain definition, service function deployment/removal

Powered by Qosmos: Anritsu

Kevin Kvisthøj, Product Manager at Anritsu, presents a demo of Anritsu’s MasterClaw service assurance solution using Qosmos DPI. The combined information collected by Anritsu and Qosmos give insight into the different services that are being used, performance and the potential user experience. This opens up opportunities to engage with OTT providers to deliver services that correspond to subscriber use.

Powered by Qosmos: Empirix

Graham Kunz, Product Marketing Manager, Empirix, presents a demonstration of Empirix’ IntelliSight, an LTE and Mobile analytics solution that is used to monitor customer service experience for mobile and fixed-line services. Qosmos DPI technologies are used to provide information on service performance and the types of services that customers are using.

Powered by Qosmos: Napatech

Emiliano Rodríguez, Sales Director, EMEA South at Napatech presents a demonstration showing network traffic analysis by Qosmos DPI using data captured by Napatech intelligent adapters.

Executive View: Franco Messori, Chief Strategy Officer, Empirix

Empirix is at the forefront of holistic quality assurance solutions. Franco Messori, Chief Strategy Officer at Empirix, explains how the company’s solutions are used to preempt technology issues, ensure peak level performance, and predict the smartest actions to be taken. Through a deeper understanding of the pre- and post-deployment network performance, Empirix provides customers with greater visibility, confidence, and assurance. Qosmos gives Empirix products a higher level of detail so that the company can provide a better user experience.

Tech Corner: Demo of OpenFlow Application eXtensible Matchers (AXM)

Demonstration of traffic steering based on application ID, through openvswitch, using a DPI engine and OpenFlow AXM. The code is available on openvswitch dev mailing list: don’t hesitate to provide your feedback!

Any other use case (L7 firewall, L7 QoS, ..) can be implemented with AXM, this is an addition to OpenFlow: nothing has been removed, all OpenFlow actions and others matchers are available. And you can now write simple and high level matchers, based on application ID.

Tech Corner: Intel & Qosmos Talk Network Intelligence on Virtualized Infrastructure

David le Goff, Director Strategic & Product Marketing at Qosmos, talks about the company’s joint demo with Intel at Mobile World Congress 2014. The demo showcases network intelligence on virtualized infrastructure with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). More information on Qosmos technologies for virtualized infrastructures at http://www.qosmos.com/products/virtualized-dpi-vnfc/.

Powered by Qosmos: EXFO

Kader Khan, Product Line Manager at EXFO, explains how Qosmos brings precision to LTE Network Data Analysis. EXFO’s products capture LTE traffic in the network and carry out off-line analysis for mobile operator and equipment manufacturer needs. Qosmos technologies help collect the information to display the statistics.

Powered by Qosmos: Clavister

John Vestberg, CEO of Clavister, explains how the addition of Qosmos advanced network intelligence technologies to Clavister firewall solutions for telco and cloud environments has enabled them to reach extreme levels of performance.

Powered by Qosmos: F5 Networks

Ben Jacobson, Director, Service Provider Partners at F5 Networks explains how Qosmos technologies contribute to F5′s policy enforcement manager. The in-depth traffic inspection that F5′s solution brings to customers helps improve network security and optimize performance.