Enabling Dynamic Policy and Orchestration with a DPI Module Integrated in the vSwitch - Download PDF

This presentation explains how service providers can optimize the sequence and number of services in a dynamic way by integrating  Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) software with the vSwitch.



Qosmos ixEngine Datasheet – Download PDF

Qosmos ixEngine is a DPI and metadata extraction software development kit (SDK). It is used by TEMs and Solution Vendors to embed state of the art flow decoding technology into their applications. It can be used in all environments: physical, virtualized and in SDN architectures.

Qosmos Service Aware Module for vSwitch – Download PDF

The Qosmos Service Aware Module® (Qosmos SAM®) is a DPI module which adds service awareness to virtual switches. Suppliers of equipment, platforms, middleware, and software can leverage this ready-to-use building block to rapidly build application-aware solutions for service providers, datacenters and enterprises.

Qosmos DPI Virtual Networking Function Component (VNFC) – Download PDF

Qosmos DPI as a Virtual Network Function Component (VNFC) complies with an official use case standardized by ETSI in July 2013. This new Qosmos product runs in a virtual machine and uses optimized interface to feed application information and metadata to other integrated components, together forming virtual networking equipment (VNFs) such as Service Routers, GGSN, PCEF, BRAS, ADC/Load Balancers, Network Analytics, NG Firewalls, WAN optimization, etc.

Improve Network Efficiency with Qosmos DPI and Red Hat NFV Infrastructure – Download PDF

This Executive Brief describes how Red Hat® and Qosmos technologies can be used to implement a service-aware NFV infrastructure that improves network efficiency and reduces costs through dynamic service  chaining and intelligent traffic routing.

Dynamic Service Chaining based on DPI embedded in the NFV Infrastructure – Download PDF

This Intel®-Qosmos Application Note explains how Qosmos DPI technology, running on hypervisor-hosted platforms based on Intel® Xeon® processors, enables dynamic service chaining according to Layer 7 policies and rules.


Policy Enforcement in SDN and NFV-based Telco Infrastructure – Download PDF

This Intel®-Qosmos Application Note explains how Qosmos DPI technology and traffic shaping functions can be added to a virtual switch, allowing a policy and charging rules function (PCRF) to set policy based on a flow’s application ID and metadata data. The hypervisor-hosted solution runs on an Intel® Xeon® processor-based platform and bypasses Linux kernel performance bottle necks via the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel® DPDK).


Qosmos DeepFlow ACS Datasheet – Download PDF

Qosmos DeepFlow ACS probe is a framework for L4-7 traffic analysis. It identifies applications behind each IP session and delivers detailed metadata embedded in protocol and application flows.

Qosmos Protocol and Application Plugin Library – Download PDF

Qosmos ixEngine is the most complete DPI engine on the market, with the ability to identify all major protocol and applications circulating on fixed and mobile networks. The technology goes beyond traditional DPI by extracting additional information in the form of metadata and by classifying encrypted traffic.

Policy Control & Charging (PCC) Use Case – Download PDF

Qosmos Deep Packet Inspection & metadata extraction technologies for smarter core network equipment.

Mobile Data Offload Use Case – Download PDF

Qosmos Deep Packet Inspection & metadata extraction technologies enable smarter offload strategies.

Qosmos DeepFlow: Subscriber Analytics Use Case – Download PDF

Qosmos DeepFlow configured for Subscriber Analytics is a passive probe that analyses IP traffic in real-time. It identifies protocols and applications behind each flow and reveals events generated by the transactions to feed value-added analytics solutions. Analytics information is delivered for IP-based services, per user and per transaction. Qosmos DeepFlow Subscriber Analytics is based on the DeepFlow Application Component Suite (ACS).

Qosmos DeepFlow: HP ArcSight Use Case – Download PDF

A new source of forensic traffic information for faster discovery and containment of advanced cyber threats.
With the addition of DeepFlow records, HP ArcSight can typically reduce time to discovery and containment of security breaches from weeks to days.

Qosmos DeepFlow: Splunk Use Case – Download PDF

By combining DeepFlow and Splunk technologies, cyber threats are discovered more quickly, enabling more effective cyber security. DeepFlow converts network streams into syslog messages that Splunk filters and aggregates. Splunk Enterprise Security App then uses the filtered events to build alerting rules. The addition of DeepFlow records to Splunk’s powerful correlation engine therefore speeds time to discovery of incidents, allowing faster response by security systems.

Network Equipment Manufacturer takes Mobile Network Operator into future with Qosmos DeepFlow OEM DPI Probes – Download PDF

Qosmos and Napatech provide tier 1 Asian Mobile Network Operator with detailed understanding of subscriber behavior and experience through analysis of 40 million concurrent IP sessions in real time.

Adapt in Real Time with Advanced Service Classification from leaders Qosmos and Napatech – Download PDF

Qosmos and Napatech offer a joint solution to provide complete metadata-based visibility into network traffic in real time.


PROTEI integrates Qosmos ixEngine® technology into PROTEI DPI platform in less than 6 months – Download PDF

Off-the-shelf DPI and packet parsing technology from Qosmos strengthens advanced PROTEI policy enforcement & charging system with one of the most powerful network intelligence engines available on the market.

HP reveals mobile data value to Tier 1 Asian MNO with Qosmos DeepFlow DPI probes – Download PDF

Analyzing 40 million concurrent IP sessions in real-time to understand subscriber behavior and experience with Qosmos DPI and metadata technology.



Realizing the Benefits of Network Functions Virtualisation in Telecom Networks – Download PDF

This paper is a joint effort by Intel, Qosmos, and Tieto to describe how standard IT, high-volume servers, and commercial and open source software can be used in a reference architecture vision to meet the challenges of network evolution, and thereby unleash the full potential of NFV.

DPI & Traffic Analysis in Networks Based on NFV and SDN – Download PDF

This whitepaper, co-published by Heavy Reading and Qosmos, explores the role of DPI and related techniques in virtualized networks based on ETSI NFV, SDN and Cloud services. It is based on a survey, conducted by Heavy Reading, examining the challenges and opportunities for telecom vendors around DPI/traffic analysis and virtualization.

CloudNFV™ Unites the Best of Cloud Computing, SDN and NFV – Download PDF

This whitepaper presents CloudNFV™, an open platform for implementing Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) based on cloud computing and Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies in a multi-vendor environment.

Service-Aware Network Architecture Based on SDN, NFV, and Network Intelligence – Download PDF

This Intel®-Qosmos whitepaper discusses how deep packet inspection (DPI) enables network operators to offer new services and better manage bandwidth by providing real-time visibility into IP traffic patterns and user behavior.

Beyond DPI – Qosmos advanced technology running on Intel® DPDK – Download PDF

A whitepaper on the network security benefits derived from Qosmos advanced DPI technology running on Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK).

DPI and Metadata for Security Applications – Download PDF

How vendors can improve solutions for new market demands by filling the gap between COTS network security and raw data analysis.

Article: Using DPI probes to bring application visibility to SIEM – Download PDF

Description on how to use DPI probes and metadata extraction to bring application visibility to SIEM for a forensic record and advanced alerting.