Network Intelligence Technology Overview


Qosmos product portfolio consists of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Network Intelligence (NI) technology components. All are designed to be easily embedded into our clients’ systems and solutions to enable deep visibility into traffic flows.


ixEngine: Deep Packet Inspection and Metadata Engine

Software libraries and tools providing the most advanced stateful L4-L7 inspection technology, including real-time packet classification at protocol and application levels and metadata extraction. Designed with developers in mind, Qosmos’ software libraries are easy and fast to embed into applications.

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Qosmos SAM: DPI Module for vSwitch

The Qosmos Service Aware Module® (Qosmos SAM®) is a DPI module which adds service awareness to virtual switches. Suppliers of equipment, platforms, middleware, and software can leverage this ready-to-use building block to rapidly build application-aware solutions for service providers, datacenters and enterprises.

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Virtualized DPI (VNFC)

Qosmos DPI as a Virtual Network Function Component (VNFC) complies with an official use case standardized by ETSI in July 2013. This new Qosmos product runs in a virtual machine and uses optimized interface to feed application information and metadata to other integrated components, together forming virtual networking equipment (VNFs) such as Service Routers, GGSN, PCEF, BRAS, ADC/Load Balancers, Network Analytics, NG Firewalls, WAN optimization, etc.

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Qosmos DeepFlow® Probes for Telecoms

Passive hardware devices that rely on Qosmos’ advanced L4-L7 protocol parsing technology to source real-time network data. Probes are connected with port mirroring to feed third- party applications with real-time traffic records and content at transport, application and user levels. A range of products are available to perform real-time stateful inspection from network edge up to a carrier’s core network interface at  up to 20 Gb/s per box.

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Qosmos DeepFlow® Probes for Network Security

DeepFlow probes combine the advantages of logs, NetFlow, and full packet capture. They generate a single data stream of application and protocol behavior, providing a step-function improvement in visibility for security vendors and integrators:

  • Plug & play probes with forensically accurate flow, protocol classification, and metadata extraction.
  • Fully-managed OEM appliance, ready for integration into NBAD / SIEM, DDoS, Network Analytic, and MSSP environments.
  • Export of normalized data to Syslog and other standard Formats

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Who Uses Qosmos Products?

Qosmos products are used by development teams at Equipment Manufacturers, Solution Vendors, and Systems Integrators, who benefit from leading-edge technology and fast time to market by leveraging pre-developed, application-agnostic, Deep Packet Inspection and Network Intelligence components.

Qosmos enables the development of:

  • Passive / non intrusive solutions such as network analysis and troubleshooting, network forensics, and subscriber analytics
  • In-line applications such as packet filtering, traffic shaping or content filtering for policy control in mobile networks, service assurance, and many other solutions


Use Cases