Technology Overview


Qosmos portfolio consists of network intelligence products performing application classification and metadata extraction. All are designed to be easily embedded into our clients’ systems and solutions to enable deep visibility into traffic flows.


Qosmos ixEngine: Application Classification and Metadata Engine

Software libraries and tools providing the most advanced stateful inspection technology up to Layer 7, including real-time classification of protocols and associated metadata. Designed with developers in mind, Qosmos’ software libraries are easy to embed into third party products and solutions.




Who Uses Qosmos Products?

Qosmos products are used by development teams at Equipment Manufacturers, Solution Vendors, and Systems Integrators, who benefit from classification technology in component format that allows them to focus on their core business.

Qosmos enables the development of:

  • Passive / non intrusive solutions such as network analysis and troubleshooting, network forensics, and analytics
  • In-line applications such as traffic shaping, service chaining, service assurance, and security solutions


Discover Qosmos DPI Engine for Network & Telecom Applications

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“Layer 7 visibility allows a view of individual application flows and even an understanding of components of applications.”

Jeff Wilson, Research Director, Cybersecurity Technology, IHS Technology (Infonetics)

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