Extend your DPI Library with Qosmos Signatures

The Challenge

Product vendors with in-house DPI libraries face the costly challenge of constantly updating signatures for protocols which change regularly and without prior notice. Some basic protocols are easy to manage since they are relatively stable (IMAP, SMTP, POP HTTP); however, a growing number of protocols are proprietary and evolve at a rapid pace, for example web sites, social networking, video streaming and gaming applications. Updating signatures for these protocols requires internal resources for development, testing and validation, which can slow down product cycles and detract from the development of your core technology.


The Solution: Complement your own Signatures with Qosmos



By complementing your own signatures with Qosmos signatures, your developers can focus on their core product while Qosmos keeps up with the constantly evolving applications and protocols.

Qosmos deliverables:

  • Consulting and adaptation work to enable your DPI engine to use Qosmos signatures 

    • Technical audit of your system
    • Specification of a Qosmos-to-Customer Signature Converter
    • Assistance for the development and implementation of the Signature Converter
    • Technical training
  • Qosmos signature deliverables

    • Up to 2500+ signatures (Dec 2016)
    • Regular signature updates
    • New signature additions
    • Classification only (no metadata)

Qosmos Signatures



Qosmos delivers signatures in a format that developers can easily embed into their products, as a complement to existing signatures. This enables you to:

  • Expand your signature coverage in an efficient way
  • Get regular signature updates
  • Keep internal DPI competency and technology
  • Reassign internal resources to core solution development


Resources: Qosmos list of signatures in data format