Protocol and Metadata Support

Full traffic visibility

  • Thousands of protocols and applications recognized, including video streaming, P2P, Social Networks, messaging, etc
  • Identification of service (VoIP, chat, file transfer) within applications like Skype
  • Identification of applications within Facebook
  • All versions of protocols and applications decoded
  • Support of the most complex tunneling protocols
  • 4000+ metadata extracted from network traffic at all layers – from the network layer to the application layer

Fast protocol updates

  • Protocol and Application Watch Service for regular updates
  • On-demand development of protocol and application signatures for custom or regional protocols
  • Advanced Protocol Plugin SDK available to customers wanting to create their own protocol plugins
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) for protocol updates

Example of protocols & applications and their metadata

Protocol/ Application Metadata Possible Use Cases
Facebook Receiver, message, feed_like, +50 other metadata QoE, Analytics, Marketing
YouTube Video, URL, date, duration, frame rate, +30 other metadata QoE, Analytics, Marketing
Google Mail, Chat, Earth, Apps, Play, Groups +150 other metadata QoE, Analytics, Marketing
RTSP Play/pause, streamed file, URL, video duration +40 other metadata QoS, QoE
GTP Device, user location, QoS metrics, time/duration, +50 other metadata NMS, Trouble Shooting
HTTP URI, Browser, cookies, DNS, authentication information, +60 other metadata QoE, Analytics, Marketing
IP Source/dest. address, source /dest port, data, +15 other metadata Network Analytics, IDS/IPS


For a full list of supported protocols, applications and their metadata, please contact us.