Qosmos Service Aware Module: L7 Classifier for Open vSwitch

The Qosmos Service Aware Module® (Qosmos SAM®) is a Layer 7 Classifier which adds service awareness to virtual switches. Suppliers of equipment, platforms, middleware, and software can leverage this ready-to-use building block to rapidly build application-aware solutions for service providers, datacenters and enterprises.

The virtual switch (or vSwitch) plays a critical role in next generation data center networks. It is a software application that allows virtual machines (VMs) to communicate with each other and with the physical network.

Qosmos SAM® is integrated with a vSwitch to provide detailed, real-time traffic intelligence and enable service-awareness at the infrastructure level. The new module classifies flows at the hypervisor level and the resulting protocol information and metadata are either used directly by the virtual switch or passed on to guest applications.

Qosmos SAM conveys real-time layer 4-7 intelligence via an open API designed to enable short development cycles. Qosmos is working with leading switch vendors and the open source community to drive innovation while ensuring API compatibility and improving performance.

Qosmos SAM is based on Qosmos’ flagship product ixEngine®, which is already established as the de facto industry-standard DPI engine for developers of telecoms and enterprise solutions. ixEngine identifies and extracts information traveling over networks in real time, providing a true picture of the traffic by identifying protocols, types of application, and extracting additional information in the form of metadata. Equipment makers, telco and enterprise software vendors, and cloud service providers use Qosmos to gain application awareness, accelerate time to market and benefit from continuous signature updates.



  • Short time to market for solution developers
  • Built-in real-time intelligence at the infrastructure layer
  • Consistent description of DPI analysis fed to all VMs