DeepFlow Application Component Suite

Qosmos DeepFlow® Application Component Suite (ACS) is a software platform which identifies applications behind each IP session and delivers detailed metadata embedded in protocol and application flows. It can be configured to stream any data in any data structure.

DeepFlow ACS is the only configurable probe software able to extract thousands of application metadata attributes at core network speeds: 2 / 4 / 10 / 20 Gbps

This fully customizable probe software platform reveals the full capability of Qosmos L4-7 Network Intelligence. It provides a variety of options and modules to personalize the information and the format of data to be sent to the third party system consuming the data feeds. This makes DeepFlow ACS a versatile, real-time source of information required by solutions like subscriber analytics, QoE measurement, forensics or network security.

In order to reduce the time needed to build a probe, developers and system integrators can use a pre-packaged Qosmos DeepFlow with optimized hardware such as network acquisition cards.

Typical configurations for DeepFlow ACS:

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