DPI Engine


Qosmos ixEngine® is an advanced, DPI-based, classification and metadata engine that recognizes over 3100 protocols, more than any other Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) library on the market.

Delivered as a Software Development Kit (SDK), it is composed of software libraries, modules and tools that are easily integrated into new or existing solutions. Developers benefit from market-leading IP flow parsing technology to bring detailed traffic visibility to network solutions up to Layer 7. Integration of Qosmos ixEngine as a software component removes the need to develop in-house protocol recognition capabilities, simplifying product development and accelerating delivery. Qosmos ixEngine can be used in all environments: physical, virtualized and in SDN architectures.



Identification of over 3100 protocols and applications

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Extraction of 5000+ application metadata

Optimized to analyze traffic in real time at 10, 40, 100 Gbps

Decoding Engine

  • Identification of protocols and applications behind each IP flow using a combination of advanced techniques including stateful inspection, behavioral and statistical analysis, heuristics, etc.
  • Extraction of metadata from protocols (e.g. volume, delay, jitter, etc.) and applications (e.g. name of file streamed on a website)

Protocol Plugin Bundle and Updates

  • Qosmos’ protocol plugin bundle includes thousands of protocol and application plugins to classify flows and extract metadata. To learn more about protocol and metadata support >>
  • Qosmos Labs continuously monitor protocols and applications updating protocol plugins to ensure they are always up-to-date


Custom Signature Module

  • Allows users to develop custom protocol plugins that are integrated in the Qosmos ixEngine framework at run time

Deep File Inspection Module

  • Identifies exchanges of suspicious files (i.e. incorrect / fake types or encrypted)
  • Performs basic checks for malware detection and Data Leak Prevention

Rule Engine Module

  • Executes customer-defined rules at run-time on output from classification and metadata extraction
  • APIs configure rules and load them into rule engine at production stage; rules are expressed in JSON format


Boost your solutions with detailed, real-time traffic visibility

Tech Corner

Demo of Qosmos DPI Engine for Network & Telecom Applications

Tech Corner

Demo of Qosmos DPI Engine for Cybersecurity Applications