Deep Packet Inspection and Metadata Engine

Qosmos ixEngine is a Software Development Kit (SDK) composed of software libraries and tools that are easily integrated into new or existing solutions. Developers benefit from market-leading IP flow parsing technology to accelerate the delivery of application aware solutions. Qosmos ixEngine can be used in all environments: physical, virtualized and in SDN architectures.

Qosmos ixEngine Architecture overview

Decoding engine

  • Identification of protocol and applications behind each IP Flows using stateful inspection and heuristic analysis
  • Extraction of metadata from protocols (e.g. volume, delay, jitter etc) and applications (e.g. name of file streamed on a website)

Protocol Plugin Bundle

Advanced Protocol Plugin Creator

  • Allows users to develop custom protocol plugins that integrate in the ixEngine framework

Protocol Watch and Updates

  • As part of the Evergreen program, Qosmos Labs continuously monitor protocols and applications and apply changes to protocol plugins to ensure they are always up-to-date

“We’re seeing continued interest in embedding DPI functionality in applications such as security, video optimization, and revenue and service assurance, which is driving demand for embedded solutions that provide advanced packet classification, such as Qosmos’ ixEngine.”

Shira Levine, Directing Analyst, Infonetics Research