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Discover Layer 7 visibility at the Qosmos Stand, no. 208!

Come to the Qosmos stand to find out how L4-7 traffic analysis delivers complete, real-time application and protocol visibility to SDN & NFV solutions for the creation of new and value-added services.

Hear Qosmos Speak!

Qosmos will give the following presentation on day 3 of the conference (11th March) at 14.40:

  • Strengthening Data Center Security with Micro-segmentation based on Layer 7 Visibility

    Microsegmentation divides the data center into smaller zones which can be protected separately.  The advantage is that in case of a breach, the damage can quickly be contained to a small number of compromised devices. This new approach requires a real-time association between applications and security policies. Therefore, east-west traffic between VMs must be analyzed in real-time, up to the Layer 7 application.

    A Layer 7 classifier inside the hypervisor extends vSwitch visibility from Layer 1-4 all the way up to Layer 7. The vSwitch can strengthen firewalling rules between VMs based on real-time application traffic. Virtualized architectures and frameworks (e.g. OpenStack Security Groups) can be used to automate provisioning of security policies.

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