Raise the Performance of your Network Security Solutions with DPI-based IP Classification, Metadata Extraction and Content Extraction

Embedded in cyber security solutions, Qosmos DPI-based software analyzes traffic flows in real time up to the application level and with negligible impact on network performance, to detect suspicious activity and immediately raise the alert to possible threats. This allows rapid containment and remediation of attacks, giving your solutions the edge in performance and reliability.


How Does It Work? 

Distinguishing potential threats from legitimate traffic requires granular visibility into data packets, implying the management and analysis of huge amounts of data, often complicated by the high number of false positives. Achieving the level of detail and speed of analysis to effectively detect and contain attacks before harm is done is a major challenge.

Qosmos technology recognizes thousands of protocols and metadata attributes, for the most detailed view of network traffic on the market. Qosmos ixEngine can analyze data flows at n x 10 Gpbs. This real time, granular visibility enables security solutions to accurately map and understand network activity, raising the speed and effectiveness of malware detection.

Find out how to leverage DPI for more effective cyber security, including in virtualized environments (SDN & NFV), through our use cases, industry-leading studies, product demonstrations and customer interviews (available in our resources section).


About Qosmos’ Unparalleled Security Capabilities 

  • Qosmos ixEngine classifies traffic and extracts metadata used for active security policy enforcement (inside NGFW, UTM, etc.)
  • Qosmos ixEngine extracts file content and metadata used for detailed content analysis (malware protection, DLP, etc.)


 Use cases for Qosmos ixEngine 




The Benefits of Qosmos Technology 

  • Go beyond protocol classification and bolster IT security with protocol metadata – the attributes of a session that show application behavior such as a Facebook user launching a video.
  • Focus your development resources on building great security products, not reinventing DPI technology.
  • Benefit from fresh protocol signatures. New signatures are constantly available and are updated, on-the-fly, without service interruption to your product.
  • Qosmos tools let you develop custom, proprietary protocol signatures.


Cybersecurity 500

“All the benefits of Layer 7 visibility in a traditional network architecture open up when adding Layer 7 classification in a virtualized environment: administrators can see traffic based on applications or even components of applications, providing the ability to build a wide variety of security policies.”

Jeff Wilson, Research Director, Cybersecurity Technology, IHS Technology (Infonetics)

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