DPI-based IP Classification and Network Intelligence Building Blocks for Network Security

Qosmos provides the richest view into network traffic on the market today, with thousands of protocols and metadata attributes. Take advantage of our support team’s experience putting together solutions from a wide array of software form factors and security use cases, including for virtualized environments (SDN & NFV).

Benefits of using Qosmos technology

  • Go beyond protocol classification and take advantage of protocol metadata, the attributes of a session that show application behavior (i.e. Facebook user launching a FarmVille session)
  • Focus your development resources on building great security products, not reinventing Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology
  • As your needs to scale in performance grow, so does our software
  • On-the-fly protocol updates; only Qosmos enables monthly protocols to be updated without service interruption of your product
  • Develop your custom proprietary protocol signatures independently, using Qosmos tools


“All the benefits of Layer 7 visibility in a traditional network architecture open up when adding Layer 7 classification in a virtualized environment: administrators can see traffic based on applications or even components of applications, providing the ability to build a wide variety of security policies.”

Jeff Wilson, Research Director, Cybersecurity Technology, IHS Technology (Infonetics)