Qosmos for Next Generation Firewalls


The Challenge

Firewalls can no longer use ports to effectively classify traffic. Today’s firewalls must have:

  • Layer 7 / application identification
  • Beyond classification, advanced security applications such as IPS require visibility on application usage patterns (who is doing what).

Firewall vendors risk spending considerable time and money developing a traffic decoding technology such as Deep Packet Inspection and keeping up with constantly changing protocols and applications that make networks vulnerable.

How Qosmos Inside Solves the Problem

  • Qosmos DPI engine – ixEngine – is embedded into next-generation firewalls to provide Layer 7 application classification and delivery of traffic metadata attributes, such as message senders and receivers, and names of files shared or attached in an application.
  • Within days, firewall vendors can embed ixEngine into products for unmatched application classification and more effective security policy management.

Benefits for firewall vendors: Full application visibility


  • Identifies applications based on protocol grammar analysis, not ports
  • Goes beyond traditional Deep Packet Inspection to decode traffic inside tunneling protocols
  • Identifies actions launched within an application (such as login, browse, chat, file transfer, etc.)
  • Real-time extraction of communications metadata such as message senders and receivers, and names of files shared or attached in an application.
  • Recognizes thousands of protocols, applications and metadata
  • Allows users to develop their own protocol plugins that can be integrated in the ixEngine framework.

Designed with “Triple R” (robustness, reliability and resilience) in mind


  • Resilience, by functioning even under adverse external conditions (e.g. maliciously forged packets or flows)
  • Robustness, by performing well during difficult situations (e.g. SYN flood attacks, incomplete traffic)
  • Reliability, by adequately decoding traffic even under unusual circumstances (e.g. tunnels, obfuscated traffic, non-standard protocol behavior)

Support for all leading processor architectures


  • Optimized for all leading processors on the market: Intel x86, Broadcom, Cavium, EZChip, and Freescale.
  • Application classification at traffic speeds up to 10 Gbps on a single processor


qosmos for next generation firewalls example


Recognized protocols and applications (sample)

  • Email (smtp, pop3, imap, Lotus Notes, etc.)
  • Webmails (gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook web access, etc.)
  • Instant Messaging (MSN Messenger, Yahoo!Messenger etc)
  • Web applications (HTTP, web browsing, URLs, etc.)
  • Tunnels (ICMP, HTTP tunneling, GRE, L2TP, etc)
  • File transfer protocols (FTP, Jabber, AIM file transfer, etc.)
  • P2P applications (eDonkey, BitTorrent, Gnutella, etc.)
  • Streaming (VoIP, media streaming, etc.)
  • Business applications (CRM, ERP, appliance or web mode, etc.)
  • Database protocols (MySQL, Postgress, etc.) Online gaming

Application visibility (sample)

  • HTTP: visited URL, URI
  • Email, webmails, social networking and messaging: login, sender, receiver(s), attached document (type, name, content) etc.
  • File transfer, P2P: login, file type, file name, file content, etc.

“There is a trend towards using niche specialists in the DPI area. Outsourcing highly specialized technical capabilities allows Equipment Manufacturers to focus on overall solutions development.”

Graham Finnie
Chief Analyst, Heavy Reading

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