Content Extraction for DLP and Malware Intelligence


Typical situation today

Many DLP and Malware intelligence solutions today have limited protocol coverage, which means they cannot provide sufficient visibility from social media and web mail protocols. Another challenge is the rapid evolution of protocols, forcing the vendor to invest considerable resources in monitoring and updating their software.

Strengthening the solution with Qosmos ixEngine

A vendor replaces their in house DPI with ixEngine, which enables content extraction for thousands of protocols including social media, web mail, and other enterprise protocols, giving you the richest view into the content flowing on the network. Regular protocol updates from Qosmos ensures your application recognition is always current.


  • A step function improvement of your product’s ability to extract content from the network
  • Immediate visibility of thousands of protocols for content extraction, regularly updated
  • Invest your resources in the core functionality of your solution instead of DPI technology