Company overview

Qosmos leads the market for embedded Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and network intelligence technology used in physical, SDN and NFV architectures. The company supplies software to vendors who embed real-time application awareness in their products for traffic optimization, service chaining, quality of service, analytics, cyber security and more.

Qosmos brings fast time to market for network intelligence and continuous protocol signature updates inside physical, SDN and NFV networking products. As the leading supplier of embedded intelligence software, Qosmos contributes actively to international standards and serves 75% of the market. 
Qosmos has its headquarters in Paris, France. The company has regional headquarters in the Silicon Valley and Singapore as well as local offices in London and Tokyo.


Technology Leadership

Qosmos Network Intelligence technology:

  • Recognizes thousands of communication and application protocols—the largest number available today
  • Decodes data crossing networks at the highest network speeds (n x 10 Gbps)
  • Extracts the most metadata from data crossing networks—more than 4,300 from network to application layers
  • Is supported with the world’s most advanced protocol update services
  • Is optimized for the world’s leading network processors

Market Leadership

Qosmos is the most widely deployed technology for Network Intelligence Technology (Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) + metadata). Qosmos technology is used by:

  • The world’s leading vendor of mobile technology
  • The world’s leading vendor of networking technology
  • Major US network security vendors
  • Vendors to the telecommunications industry
  • Vendors to major enterprises

Strategic Partner Business Model

Qosmos follows an advanced partnership model, which enables its clients to accelerate their time to market for solutions utilizing advanced DPI and real-time Network Intelligence. As a pure-play technology vendor, Qosmos provides tools, expertise and support for clients to minimize burdens of development costs, project risks and ongoing solution maintenance. Beyond technical integration, Qosmos works with clients on a strategic level. The business model consists of:

  • Evaluation Stage: to help clients choose the best DPI engine and architecture for their requirements
  • Build Stage: to optimize solution performance, time to market and quality assurance
  • Run Stage: to support clients with continuous Qosmos technology updates (protocols, metadata and software functionality)


Qosmos was founded in 2000 by members of the LIP6 Computer Research Laboratory in Paris.

Since its founding, Qosmos has developed and operates with specific DPI/NI technology development, validation and support processes. The company is also known for Qosmos Labs, a world-class DPI/NI Center of Excellence, staffed by a large team of DPI specialists with more than 100 man years of experience.

Qosmos is privately held and has successfully completed three rounds of capital funding. Investors include Alven Capital, DFJ Esprit, Bpifrance and GfK Group.