Technology FAQs

What does Qosmos technology do?

Qosmos technology creates an Information Layer in communications networks. It enriches solutions developed by telecom and network security vendors with detailed, real-time visibility into all network-based activity—i.e., the ability to make their solutions user-aware and application-aware with deep Network Intelligence.

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Where is Qosmos technology used?

In more than a dozen types of telecom and network security solutions, as well as in innovative new applications made possible by Qosmos technology, such as mobile analytics and market research for optimizing online commerce.

How do vendors use Qosmos technology?

By embedding Qosmos technology in their solutions:
As a strategic partner with vendors, Qosmos provides its technology as a software development kit, intelligent network probes, and application-specific appliances, along with the business and technical expertise to assist with the planning, implementation, and ongoing support of the Network Intelligence component of vendors’ solutions.

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If vendors need this technology, why don’t they develop it themselves?

Because the complexity of network traffic decoding today requires very specific and advanced expertise– it is a job in itself. Qosmos, as a specialist and leader in the field for more than a decade, enables vendors to:

  • Gain the traffic visibility they need faster—accelerating time to market with more competitive solutions
  • Eliminate the cost and risk of new technology development outside their core expertise
  • Avoid the difficulty of continuously updating protocols and application metadata
  • Ease competitive and R&D budget pressures
  • Maintain control over their applications and services

“In the past, network equipment and solution vendors have typically developed their DPI technology internally, but today we observe a major trend toward outsourcing. Providing effective NI technology is an expertise in itself, and network equipment vendors can no longer afford to do it in house.”

Brian Partridge, Vice-President, Yankee Group

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